Your Blog Need Not To Be Make Money Online

If you’re deciding to start a blog and earn money from home, your blog doesn’t need to be about the damn “make money online” topic.

When I first started this blog I was a very confused beginner. Being financially challenged and have debts to pay, I really needed to make money online urgently.

My initial purpose for this site was to make reviews for the different money making programs and quick rich schemes that I was encountering at some of the social networking sites. I also wanted to expose those overly hyped make money opportunities being spammed on me by many internet marketers.

Back then I was a complete beginner. I was struggling to write. I was not an internet savvy. This is because most of my recent years were spent working as a welder and a machinist.

Although at that time I can already sense an obvious scam and waste of time and money, I have yet no experience and idea about all the money making games online and so my reviews tend to be weak and subjective. I also realize that I might be getting the ire of the owners if I make a bad review about their make money programs.

your business need not be about make money onlineNeedless to say I abandoned that route. But  more I become confused. Nobody was telling me the real way on how to make money on the internet.

Every make money blog I ran into were talking about GPT and paid-to-click programs, paid social network sites (yeah those dysfunctional MLM networking schemes), and mostly referral scheme programs.

Then came the paid blogging networks wherein you get paid for writing a post about a particular company or website. I went into the frenzy of registering this blog for the hope of earning some quick bucks. However, all I got was rejection because the blog was new, zero pagerank, and so many other dumb ass and stupid reasons. Well, in frustration I deleted my money making blogs from all those paid blogging sites.

Like many folks out there, I was also a reader of the popular make money online “guru” John Chow and the popular make money blogging “zen” Darren Rowse. Although there are lots of good stuffs to learn from those A-List Bloggers I never learned any doable way to really start making money online.

Yeah you know JC just loves to say “stop trying to make money online”. Damn. I am more of being entertained and amused by these folks than learning something really workable. As for me their teachings are far more  suitable for the elite and highly socializing people than to ordinary dorks like me.

Okay, sure it is possible to earn money and make a living on the internet. Thousands of people are doing it. Including me. Wink. But when it comes to choosing your business topic or “niche” it doesn’t need to be about “make money online”.

Well, if you’re that kind of person who loves the thrill of a challenge then you can go on and set up a site for this competitive niche. This is good if you are not in the situation that you really need to make urgent money.

But what if you already own a make money online blog? If you’re still starting and need immediate income then just do yourself a favor. Find and add other niches that are not that so competitive, are easy to rank for, and can be monetized.

Take note I say “ADD”. I didn’t say leave your make money online blog. I didn’t say stop trying to make money with it. If you’re still not making some bucks with it then just think of it as an asset. You can make money with it later.

You can actually use it as your money making journal and share (or boast if that’s what your ego seeks for) to your readers how you are doing or making BIG bucks on your other non-MMO niches. Heck, you can then write a short report or a mini-ebook and sell it to them.


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    Hi five folks – great advice I like your style here – I’m in the trying mode so any advice is very valuable to me thanks for your input into my online money scratching education here…

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    Helpful post I should say. Thanks for this one 🙂 Very helpful indeed.

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    Useful post for newbie blogger. Earning from blog may take a lot of time. First, build traffic. After building traffic, start earning.