Writing Content That Generates A Long Term Traffic

As a new make money online blogger I always struggle how to write content that is:

a) beneficial to my (would be) readers – no readers right now and I feel I’m writing this post for myself to read, haha.

b) rarely found on other blogs – while this may not be possible to a very broad and popular topic such as home business, make money online, and work at home, at least the content should be a topic that is highly searched by surfers but not discussed by most bloggers and other sites.

c) uniquely written with keywords optimized – The keywords business reviews, cash creation reviews, and paying social networks are some that is bringing an average of 2-3 organic visits (only) each day to this new blog. So few, yet, what makes me wonder is that they are leaving immediately without reading, eh. Tracing visitors who used a particular keyword, Google analytics indicates that most the page was viewed 00:00:00. Yay, not a seconds hit.

By visiting and reading popular blogs which are claimed to be visited by thousands of readers each day, I observed that:

a) They have the charismatic writing personality – reading from popular blogger’s post I can always sense some authority and command on their writing style.

b) They have the expertise that nobody or few people has – many successful bloggers has at least a field of expertise. i.e. they can edit and tweak blog templates and give it for free, they can write scripts and share it free, etc.

Do you have all these writing skills? If you do then I congratulate you, you could be on your way to a more successful blogging.

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