Working Smart Vs Working Hard – The Evils of MLM

This post is somewhat not related to make money online. It’s more about network marketing aka Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) particularly here in my place. Well, I have nothing against this kind of business. It’s just that people who use the system has gone out of nowhere.

Working smart and working hard.” In my place I observed that this is a common “play words” that many hardened network marketers love to use to disorient people’s mind. They praise people who work smart while they laugh at people who work hard.

In the normal world, working hard could be interpreted as doing the work in a traditional or usual way while working smart could be interpreted as doing work in a much easier way as well as employing creative techniques to finish the task in a much shorter time.

In any endeavor, we all start from hard work. You can’t become smart without the lessons learned from your past hard work. Or without observing and learning from other people’s hard work.

In network marketing, achieving success by working smart depends on many factors such as where you’re coming from, your training and education, what resources you now have, your skill, your past experiences, your connections, as well as your uplines and the quality of your prospects. The lesser you have of these things the more you need to work hard.

One’s charisma often also plays a big part in the recruiting game. For example, beauty and brains gives an edge for the ladies while charm and words draws in more recruits for the guys. Pretty ladies tend to attract more prospects while guys with charms tend to do the same.

Why Your Uplines Earn Big?

Now, you may wonder why your uplines are earning that big and you don’t. And you desperately want to earn big like they do.

Well, they’re as crafty as they are. They’ve already made themselves as network marketers.. they’re networkers by how they breathe, by connections, by nature of their work. They’re good at unleashing the ugly tool of deception.

They have loyal downlines who will follow them to death wherever they go, they have lot of contacts who are crafty networkers just like them, they have big established groups, they have a wide connection.

In essence, they’re network marketing professionals, meaning it’s the main source of their bread and butter… and most often than not, they’re excellent at speech (and flatteries) and convincing (or deceiving) people to do something.

That’s why when there are new opportunities, they could literally “earn in just a minute“.

As crafty as they are, they taunt and boast their “huge network bonus and earnings” during business seminars, opportunity meetings, and such so called “social gatherings”.. “If we have done it, then you could do it too“, they say.

Most of the times, I’ve seen hardened networkers (or liars) boast in front of their audience how much money they’ve earned. Or how big the checks they got. And, oh, how easy you could do it too – if you work smart just like them.

How really smart they are, huh?

And how many people are being enticed with this deceptive marketing technique? Hundreds if not thousands. And I was one of them (years ago).

Nowadays, I can’t help but cringe every time I see every “business seminar” attendee’s eye sparkle with excitement on the expectations of the thousands (and millions, hah!) of money ready to come flooding in if they’ll jump into the business opportunity right now. See the use of “urgency” in here?

Some Truth?

But, they won’t tell you the real background of their so-called “instant success“.

You won’t be told the truth that you’ll only earn that big if you can recruit as many people as you can. That you will only continue to enjoy receiving big checks as long as your group or downlines are actively recruiting more and more people.

What happens when you stop recruiting or your downlines stop working?

Simple common sense: the checks will stop coming. To hell with all those “royalty” craps they often promise. Most MLM companies I’ve seen find all faults to deny you of your so-called royalty earnings.

How about if the company owners decide to change their marketing plan? Well, you will be “rewarded” a big slash off your checks. At worst, the checks will stop coming.

What if the MLM company folds? Those “smart” uplines will leave you hanging and often they scramble to join another MLM company offering a “new business opportunity“.

They know how stupid you are (i mean me, please don’t take it personally), so they’re going to come recruit you again. If you’re still stupid to join them again (because you think you could make it this time), then they own you big time and they’ll continue to make money off your efforts.

That’s how asshole network marketers see how “working smart” is. And the cycle goes on and on and on for the years to come unless you come to your own senses.

Crafty Play and Use of Words

Now, this is not to give bad light to our local network marketers. This is just my friendly precaution. Bear in mind that many hardened MLM marketers are pretty damn good at promising the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Bear in mind also that marketers will always try to appeal to your needs and emotions to entice, capture and hook you.

For example, they often use “rags to riches” stories of themselves, or they’ll tell you personal story of being broke to suddenly having lots of money upon joining this or that MLM business, and other similar touchy stories.

The men captivates you with words of promises (which are nothing but lies) while the ladies will generally entice you with their feminine beauty and smile (and uh, flattery words). I should have known the real motive behind why that lady said “I love you with hugs and kisses“. I should have saved myself more than a year of useless frustration and heartaches.

Another popular phrase that network marketers love to use: “make money by helping other people make money“. There’s truth in that old quote BUT I usually cringe with anger knowing full well how these network marketers exploit it to their advantage.

It’s very important to note that most of these network marketers are kind, friendly, and very “well mannered”. They always seem to be interested to help you in any way.

Some will even go as far as appealing to your spirituality. If they see you are a professing Christian, they use God’s name and some verses from the Bible so you would really be convinced that you’re in good company. Sad to say but I’ve seen church “pastors” and “bible ministers” fall into the schemes of network marketing.

However, if you’re deeply rooted with the Bible you should be able to sense when they’re just trying to appeal to you because the “spiritual” things they say is usually out of context.

Take note that most MLM networkers these days flatly deny that they are MLM networkers themselves. They will deny and swear over hell that the business they offer is not connected to MLM or not having the element of a “pyramid scheme“. Some call themselves as “independent distributors“, “direct sellers” or “business owners“.

However, no matter what kind of mask they want to wear, a quick examination will show that the  business they offer still runs on the system of multi-level marketing and pyramidal system.

Please don’t get me wrong here.

I simply mean that they’re really skilled at using words and speech to convince (or deceive) people to join their business opportunity. At the very worst, they can manipulate people to enter the business opportunity. Most often than not they are very successful at recruiting unsuspecting folks no matter what kind of product the business has. Whether it’s legitimate or a fly-by-night business offer.

I’m not trying to say that skillful use of words to sell to people is bad – but outright lies, false claims, and empty promises is really not good at all.

The skill in using your tongue (or pen) and wise use of words is what makes marketing successful – whether in network marketing, offline marketing, media advertising and internet marketing.

People Never Learn

Nowhere did I say in this very long post that all mlm marketers or “independent distributorsintentionally do deceptive marketing. There are honest and even Godly folks who were hooked into networking as a “job” or source of badly needed income. They often say it’s a “blessing“.

Some of them may still unknowingly using deceptive techniques (learned from so-called MLM trainings and seminars) to “invite” their friends and families to the business.

But then again, I have to say: MLM is a flawed business system. No matter how good the intention or how noble or how “godly” the MLM owner is, the system is always doomed to fail. Why hurt yourself for the love of money?

It’s just too sad to see that many folks in my place, young and old, are becoming victims to these hidden lies and false promises of MLM companies. These folks invest and often lost their money into quicksand-based business models.

It has been observed over the decades that such kind of network businesses and “business opportunities” come and go just like mushrooms taking away most people’s hard earned money. At its worst, it has shattered great dreams, good friendships and even good family relationships.

And who have earned the bulk of the big money? Simple: it’s the company owners and only a few network marketing people who have the luck to come in first. Mostly those who are fortunate enough to get themselves positioned at the top of the pyramid.

It’s been proven that mlm companies in this place are never built to last. But people never learned their own lessons.

Friendly Reminder

In essence, never jump into something out of excitement because of the promise of thousands of monthly income. Especially when they began to draw and connect those circles and rounds from the top of the paper down the bottom. And when they promise you undivided support, freebies, and spill overs and so on.

Ah, I used to get that kind of “fever” each time I was presented with such “awesome business opportunities“. Needless to say, I got burned so many times. And I quit MLM for good. You can read more about this here: Seven Reasons Why I Quit MLM.

If you’re considering to join network marketing and someone crafty comes to recruit you with the newest business opportunity, hold on and analyze things first.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have what it takes? Do you have the skill? If you’re going to invite your family members, friends, neighbors and the whole community are you willing to gamble your face and integrity? Will it not bring animosity between you and your friends when the opportunity go nowhere?

Is the product worth the investment? Is the company and its system going to last? Do you think you can deliver what you’re going to promise to your prospects and future downlines?

Cool down from your excitement and “fever” then thoroughly examine yourself. Are you being exploited and manipulated? Are you going to do the same to your prospects? Are you going to exploit your friends, neighbors, and loved ones just for material gain?

The choice is yours… but then

Why hurt yourself for the love of money?

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