Why Many People Are Tired of Reading Make Money Online Blogs

Blogging is now a very effective online medium to express your thoughts and share a bit of your life to other people around the world who care to listen. Some famous celebrities and personalities are using blogs to connect with their fans.

Blogging also has become an invaluable tool by online entrepreneurs to promote their business. It’s also being used by smart politicians to push their agendas and other political campaigns.

In the field of online business, blogs has been a great medium to make money. Over the years hundreds and thousands of people who have flocked to the internet to look for ways to make money have discovered that there’s real moolah to be made from using blogs. Thus, the birth of make money online business blogs.

Now, as with other good technologies mankind has ever produced, there’s always the bad side of the good.

The flip side of the good is that blogs has been misused by unscrupulous internet marketers to scam unsuspecting beginners who turn to the internet in search of ways to make extra money or at least to make a decent living.

Many MMO bloggers fake themselves as gurus who claim to be experts and that they have the authority to teach you how to make money online. They make you believe that their products or services can make you $$$ dollars in just a month or whatever. But after buying the product that’s supposed to be making you thousands of moolah, you’ll find out that most of the things they’ve promised is not true.

And there goes your hard earned money. And there goes your honey. And there goes your puppy. Well, I hope that you didn’t sell your valuable assets just for these crappy make money online programs. I hope that you didn’t neglect your wife’s needs while rotting yourself in your pajamas facing your computer all night and all day long.

Kidding aside…

The stark truth is that internet marketing is full of hypes and lies.

Okay, that kind of drama should be familiar and should be obvious to you especially if you’re in this industry for quiet some time.

This is the big reason why many people shy away from reading make money online blogs. They already got the impression that MMO blogs are run by internet marketers that promotes nothing but crappy and useless products.

So what make money online blogs should we read then?

This is a topic we’ll be talking about in the next post.


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    Now you might think I am a bit biased on this…but The Market Secrets Blog should definitely be read 🙂

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  • Bizz

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