Where To Get One Way Backlinks

Reciprocal link exchange nowadays is greatly devalued in the eyes of Google. This means that you could just be wasting your time contacting other webmasters just for an almost worthless reciprocal link exchange.

It would be better spend your time looking for one way backlinks, that means you don’t have to link back to the linking site, that will hopefully boost your search engine rankings.

Well, I said “hopefully” because there are kinds of one-way backlinks that are almost as worthless as the reciprocal linking. I’m talking about the link pages style of linking which is typical to many blogs.

An example of link pages I’m talking is seen on my “Friends” page. One notorious example of a network doing this kind of useless link building is linkserp dot com. You know the kind of dismay I felt when I registered at that site and saw how outdated their linking system.

Another old school way but still effective, at least, for creating one-way backlinks is article submission. The only problem with this method is that you may spend hours and hours of writing and submitting content only to find out that publishers have stripped out your links on the author bio area. Many article directories also are employing the nofollow tags to links you put on your article.

There are many other methods of getting one way links but if you don’t know what you’re doing you may actually just wasting your time and may even hurting your sites rank by making mistakes that you are not aware of.

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Okay, here’s a guide on Smart and Safe Backlinking. You can download the PDF version here.