What’s Stopping You From Making Money Online?

Last night I read a teen blogger’s email newsletter speaking about his personal encounter with an internet marketer wannabe. This frustrated online marketer visited his house to seek help about internet marketing and making money online. The successful kid blogger was in school during the visit so the guy was entertained by his father instead.

Here’s the most interesting but shocking part of the kid bloggers’ story. This guy apparently has joined over 20+ PAID programs and didn’t even got a single penny! He even knows many of the prominent internet marketers.

The teen’s father is an experienced marketer so he knew just the right questions to ask the guy, What’s stopping you from making money online?. And here comes the desperate answer that many of us might identify with, I’ve got no more programs to join, I’ve tried everything and it didn’t work.

Desperate and stupid. I thought I was the only guy being stupid. Notice the phrase I’ve got no more programs to join. Is he looking for more trouble? And then the kid’s father asked, “Do you have a website?”. The reply came with a big NO.

Unbelievable! I wonder what kind of paid money making programs those 20+ he had joined.

Well, I don’t know the whole background of the story so it would be very unfair to draw unfounded conclusions and call the guy dumb and stupid. Maybe he’s just another victim of unscrupulous marketers’ manipulation or just got caught on untoward circumstances.

So what‘s failing you from making money online?

Let me share some lessons learned from my own stupid experience.

1. Lack of proper knowledge and skills – let’s accept it, starting an online business requires at least a basic knowledge on computer operations, basic writing skills, and a little of marketing know-how.

2. Being a “Junkie” – that’s what local MLM uplines call for people who jump from one opportunity to another without ever accomplishing something from the current program they’re in.

3. Joining the wrong bandwagon – you may have joined programs which are simply or blatantly time consuming. What more if it’s a paid membership.

4. Looking for easy and fast money – You think that by joining “get rich quick” programs you can earn cash easily and immediately but often you find yourself losing a much more valuable thing – which is time.

5. Relying mostly on referral type programs – A common example for this are Yuwie, get paid to (paid-to-click, paid-to-read) and even affiliate programs wherein you earn money mostly by referring people to join.

6. No focus – easily distracted by new opportunity launches and easily seduced by seemingly more promising business opportunities. Admittedly, if you have read my early posts in this blog you will probably notice this trait in me.

7. Very early expectations – you think that when you start an online business today we can immediately earning big bucks next month.

8. Not enough action – you may take action on the early stages but afterwards you give up immediately when you seem not to realize any immediate results. But it could be that success was just around the bend but we lack diligent work and patience.

9. Easily lured by hypes and promises – Blame it to those crafty marketers who always bombard you with tons of hypes but broken promises.

10. Lack of proper planning and self-discipline – it’s too way easy to get sidetracked and distracted by lot of things we read and see on the net.

11. Being financially troubled and broke – It’s hard to kept yourself calm and be able to execute your plans wisely when you’re financially troubled. It’s even harder to plan when you’re worried about bills and debts you have to pay. It occurred to me that when you’re broke you tend to become dumb and stupid.

With hundreds of make money schemes and “how to make money online” programs on the internet it would be very easy to be swept away and end up wasting your time and not able to make money online. Worse comes to worst you may end up spending your hard earned money for some crappy programs.

It really needs proper planning, discipline, and effort if you’re really serious in establishing an online business that can bring a decent income and bring healthy food to the table.

I am passing on to you the kid blogger’s question to me. What’s stopping you from making money online?

Update June 10 2009: I was just trying to kiss an ass. In this case the kid blogger’s. I never got the attention though.

Sigh… See how unguided beginners like me try to make money online? It sucks.

Yet,  all the time, I see so many beginners trying to teach other beginners and they pretend to know what they don’t know.

I really cringe evrytime I remember how I started. Now I understand why real money makers get angry with blogging beginners who try to teach but in essence mislead the other fellow.


  • revenue

    Your topic is very interesting, you’re right nothing comes easy without an action, i’ve join some mlm program too but not all of them seems to work only fews do.

    We are live in a real world wake-up and start do some actions not just dreaming about it good post thanks 🙂

  • mxyzplk

    the only thing that make me stop make money online is no more support it, and loosing my goal. The most important thing for me is what will I use the money for?

  • freezine

    @ revenue, thanks… inaction is just one of the reasons why most people fail online.

    btw: I’m not with any MLM now, I just used one of their term “junkie” to illustrate my point.

    @ mxyzplk, wow good for you, you have some money to spend eh, maybe you can put it into some investments or other revenue producing ventures.

  • China Business Watch

    thanks so much for pointing this out. I enjoy it. You have provided us with some really great links and resources.

  • KushMoney

    This post pointed out the real reasons why people fail. As for that guy all I can say is “WOW!”

  • Bcarter

    Action makes money, dreaming does not. Just signing up for 20+ programs and waiting for the money to roll in is plain naive. What kills me is these are the people that yell “scam” right away when something doesn’t work for them.

  • pinay endeavor

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  • goofblogger

    I have found that it is not necessary to dish out bags of money on the internet just to learn how to proceed. The trick is to read lots of other blogs, ask questions, network, and continue going with your blog.

  • evilwoobie

    Heh. When I tell people I blog/freelance over the net for a living they try it out… for a week!
    They simply give up. Even with offered help, the concept of taking care of an online business at least a few hours a day blows their minds. They think internet is a scam.

    Then one day they approach again and ask how much I earned last month, I screenshot some values and they go at it again…. can you guess for how long?

    A week. 😀

  • miah

    nice post.. and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for advertising on my blog for I forgot how many times 🙂 Thank you! I would like to have an exchange link with you? if it’s possible? You’re into mine already…

  • freezine

    Wow! Lots of insightful comments here.

    Thank you my friends for dropping by and taking the time to leave your comments even though the SezWho plug-in was deactivated. Seems that this plug-in has some trouble with my template so I have to turn off and see if my suspicion is true.

    I’ve been so busy this couple of days I wasn’t able to reply to each of you.

    @ China Business Watch, you’re welcome and thanks for the visit. Looking forward to having a solid business connection with you.

    Kushmoney, thanks for reading man. You have a very insightful blog. Maybe you could teach me how to write articles within 20 – 30 minutes. 🙂

    Bcarter, yeah some people cry scam right away when they don’t get what they expected not considering that they could be making some mistakes on their part.

    @ pinay endeavor, voted for you. Interesting story title. I’d be reading it if my time permits. Thanks.

    iliana, thanks for the wonderful offer. I have to check it out yet.

    goofblogger, great insight man. As you said the trick in learning how make money online without necessary spending bags of dime is to read lots of other blogs, ask questions, network, and continue going with your blog.

    evilwoobie, that really made me smile :-). I think most of our “kababayans” are not fully aware of the income earning potential that can be made by simply conveying our thoughts through blogging.

    I have a friend who have the wrong notion that blogs are associated with evil people just because she saw on T.V. that a foreigner was robbed off his money by a certain unscrupulous blogger.

    Yay, what a complete ignorance.

    Miah, you’re welcome. I’m not aware too that I advertise many times on your blog, :-). Maybe you’re bringing the best value on my advertising as I always pick some blogs from Entrecards “Best value by widget” section to readvertise to.

    Sure, I’ll include your links to mine.