What Qualifies a Crappy Post?

usesWhat’s a crappy post? What makes it as low quality content? I know this could be a lame question. The general answers would probably be: not interesting, not informative, not entertaining, not engaging, and doesn’t worth your time reading.

But how uninteresting is uninteresting, and how worthless is worthless and so on. I think it depends on what kind of blogs you have. It also comes down to how your readers accept it and how they relate with you. (Well, we’re talking here about contents that are written by a human behind that keyboard. Not those spam blogs).

Some people may find your article informative while others may find it nonsense. That’s why most probloggers advice that you have to know your readers’ general interest.

However, if we talk about MMO and personal blogs the rules can be much more open-ended.

You can write casually as though you’re talking face to face with your readers. You can set the tone in a serious professional way but it occurs to me that it’s more appealing if you set your tone in a humorous and friendly manner.

You can choose anything that you want to talk about. With MMO blogs, almost everything that is relative to making money is an interest.

Now, there is something I’m beginning to perceive. You can still make money with MMO’s even if your contents are deemed as low quality, at least for the short term basis.

You can go and create several dummy blogs for certain purposes. One for backlinking and another for accommodating paid reviews from paid blogging sites. The only problem in that is how you can continually supply them with contents.

Well, you can go and read several “high quality” blogs and then consolidate their ideas into one post. You can rewrite and rehash those free PLR articles. Choose those articles with topics that are still currently applicable. Breathe yourself into it. Sprinkle it with your relevant experiences. If done well, it will actually become a valuable post, at least for the newbie bloggers and the first time blog readers.

Of course if you maintain a business blog then you need to follow certain rigid rules since your credibility is at stake. If you love your blog because it’s your baby and you love your loyal readers too then you have to make your post worth reading for them.

Now before I waste your time further, I’ll have to end this useless ramble here. There’s only one confession I can share with you today but let’s keep it a secret between us.

I don’t really know how to judge a crappy post. Sssh. I’ll just pass by when I feel I don’t want to read.

‘Till next time again. Thanks for reading this crappy post.


  • Ideas and money

    you put forward some good points about crappy posts. In my opinion quality content is the kind of content that bots like to read and that will rank high for the terms it is targeting 😉

  • Nishadha

    As you said it comes down to the general interest of the readers of your blog. But if you do some research and comes up with good informative posts your readers generally like them no matter what your niche is.

  • goofblogger

    I agree that keeping the tone humorous and friendly is a plus. Lots of useful information can be included in an article without totally boring the visitors.

  • freezine

    @ Ideas and Money, I’m glad you had the patience to read this half-baked post :-)… I agree with you quality content still prevails. Aside from being appreciated by your readers, search engines bots will love you for it.

    BTW: I went over your blog and read lots of informative posts their about backlinking and SEO. I wonder how you maintained those 54 other sites you have!

    Nishadha, thanks for the supportive comment. Yes it’s true its better to research for our post so to bring more valuable information for our readers.

    Thanks Goofblogger. I t’s true that there’s nothing you want to find in a blog or site than lots of information about the topic you’re searching for. As a reader, that makes me come back for more if I found a particular site full of applicable tips and ideas.

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  • Fawaz

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