What Exactly Is Pinterest

Pinterest is a coinage of two words ‘pin’ and ‘interest’ which can technically go on to mean ‘pin your interest’ and as the meaning implies, Pinterest is a virtual pin board. The latter is what Pinterest itself claims to be officially.

Now, what is Pinterest and what can it do for a business? The virtual world is flooded with social networking sites and how different is it from Facebook, MySpace, Google Plus or the others?

Various functionalities of Pinterest may be in the same cue with other social networking sites such as the sharing features, posting and updating features but the essential concept is unique.

It is the concept of sharing and communicating through photos that makes Pinterest stand apart. From the perspective of business, Pinterest is possibly a better platform to market, promote, advertise and engage people who share a certain common interest.

It is unlike Facebook where virtually there aren’t any binding factors apart from getting in touch with friends and building new social circles, although the latter has not been explored to a great extent.

With Pinterest, a business can share photos about their products, latest and upcoming, and actually go beyond simple snaps or images of their products.

what is pinterestA company that is into manufacturing DSLRs can not only upload the images of their latest model but go on to uploading various images that have been clicked by the device. This would instantly be an avenue to reach amateur and professional photographers and capture their imagination.

Hence, a business can not only promote their model but the concept of photography. Pictures of mountains, city skylines, landscapes, portraits and various experimentation with the latest DSLR camera is bound to increase the levels of interest among prospective buyers and also among those who simply share the passion of photography.

The very seed of Pinterest is about engaging people through what they are most passionate about. A business that is into manufacturing sausages can now share different recipes and upload photos that show how the sausages are made at different stages. This is not only a great way to promote one’s business but it acts as a platform to share knowledge.

There are several people who would love to learn a new recipe and try it out back home. This is where Pinterest is completely segregated from other social networking sites and can work wonders for any online business if used effectively.