What Blogging Platforms To Use

Most beginners of internet marketing are at times overwhelmed by some of its technical aspects. For example, many are confused as to what blogging platforms to use for their online business. From an internet marketing point of view, let me share some of the lessons I have learned so far.

Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular blogging platforms use by most internet marketers. However, it seems to me that many beginners are technically confused when talking about Blogger sites and WordPress sites. So here are three main points to consider.

1. Blogspot blogs hosted by Blogger.com
As we all know, Blogger.com allows you to create your blogs for free but here is, I think, where some beginners are confused: Blogger.com itself is free blog hosting site.

You can either use a free subdomain OR buy your own domain name and host it on Blogger. But you can’t download BLogger.com’s software and use it on other web hosts.

Blog Pinned on a wallAnd oh, if some of you are still wondering (just like me when I was just starting), web hosts are companies that allow you to place your sites files (including scripts, software, downloads, etc.) so that it can be made viewable to internet surfers.

If you use a free subdomain your site url looks like this format http://yourblogname.blogspot.com. If you host your own domain name your blog of course will be in the http://www.mypreciousblog.com which is easier to write and remember.

When it comes to monetization, Blogger allows you to monetize any blogs you host with them but I think they get some share especially when you use Adsense. You can use other monetization methods such as promoting affiliate products from Clickbank or other affiliate networks.

As with your blogger’s theme or template (the one that clothes your blog) you can actually find tons by searching G or Y.  Just type “free blogspot blogs” or “free blogger blogs”.

2. Free wordpress blogs hosted by WordPress.com
We all know this is a free site where someone can create an account and start his own blog right away but there is an upgrade option which if paid will allow you more options like having your own domain instead of the usual subdomain (http://mywordpressblog.wordpress.com) and the freedom to modify and use your own themes.

One disadvantage of using the free account is that it is limited when it comes to monetization and modifying/cutomizing your themes/templates. You can’t upload and use any outside themes other the ones provided by the site.

3. A WordPress blogging software/platform that can be downloded from WordPress.org
This the the blogging platform that many professional internet marketers use, abuse, talk and brag about. This is what they are referring to when they say you need to have your own “free hosted WordPress blog“.

It’s a free software and almost every tool that is created for it like plug-ins and themes is free. By the way, you can hire me if you need help in customizing your WP themes.

One of the top advantages of this software is that it is regularly maintained and updated so it can keep up with the fast changing internet technology.

And best of all, you have the FULL control. You can monetize it anyway you want and take 100% of the revenue. You can design or customize your blogs themes or appearance anyway you imagine.

You can also make a site out of it and sell it for profits unlike with Blogspot blogs where you are not allowed to sell.

Although the WordPress software is free, you actually need some monthly budget here for your web host. You can use Anhosting, Hostagator or any other web host companies that preferrably has CPANEL controls. With CPANEL controls you can easily and quickly install the WordPress application by just using the Fantastico tool integrated with it. You can also easily manage your MySQL databases using it.

Of course, there are sites offering free web hosting services but so far I haven’t yet found any free host that could reliably support the WordPress blogging software.