Viral Twitter Posts: How To Get Your Tweets Retweeted

Getting your tweets retweeted is the best way to ensure your message reaches a maximum number of people. The potential for getting your tweet noticed skyrockets exponentially with each retweet. The process of retweeting occurs when followers repost your message to their own followers, including your Twitter user name in the repost. It is the best option to ensure that millions of Twitter users read your message.

The first step in getting retweeted is to build a good following. These are the people you need in order to make your retweets happen. For faster and more effective results, it is always advisable to build your base with people who share the same interests and passions as you. If followers find that a post is particularly relevant, they will likely send it along to share with their own followers. Think about it. Would you retweet a tweet from a member of an opposing political part if it supported ideas you don’t support? Of course not!

People who share your interests will also be more likely to connect with you, list you, and perhaps even follow your site or blog. In order to have your tweets retweeted, you will need to first extend the same courtesy to your followers. If they find that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say, they will be less likely to consider your efforts as those of a predatory sycophant or, even worse, an obsessive psychopath.

Viral Twitter Posts: How To Get Your Tweets Retweeted

As Twitter permits a maximum of 140 characters per tweet, you need to make sure that every word you type is relevant to your context. This character limit challenges you to use the smallest possible number of characters while being as poignant as you can. Avoid useless filler words. Use sites such as to shorten your links, leaving more room for your message. Remember that anyone who retweets your message needs enough space to include your Twitter name in the retweet as well. Stay away from tweets with abbreviations and hashmarks as they are unlikely to be retweeted. Twitter’s trend list is a useful resource for finding items to tweet about.

Timing, as in most things, also matters in Twitter. Tweeting in the early morning hours will do nothing for you if most of your followers don’t get up until noon. If people don’t see your tweet immediately, it will rapidly be bumped into obscurity. It is fine to tweet a great message again at another time, but doing this repeatedly will cause you to be labeled a spammer. Spammers are rapidly blocked or unfollowed.

Don’t hesitate to tweet about current happenings, such as a huge sports game, an election, or a social incident topping the news. By adding something interesting or posting a new link about a current event, you are tapping into an already intriguing topic.

For a tweet to be retweeted, it typically has to stand out from the crowd. Dull tweets about everyday occurrences are not going to be retweeted unless you can give them a unique twist that makes people take notice. Entertaining tweets with a humorous twist are more likely to be forwarded by fellow tweeters. Look at each tweet topic from a creative perspective to maximize your retweet potential.

Celebrities have the most success using Twitter. No matter what they are doing, even if it’s completely boring, their followers will still retweet their tweets. You are not a celebrity. Boring posts from you are not going to get retweeted. To enjoy a really high rating, make sure your tweets are entertaining, educational, or encouraging enough to be retweeted several times over by others. This will give your tweets an edge over others. If all else fails, tweet a bunch of links to free products. That is sure to get retweeted quick enough, as almost everyone is eager to hear of free products. News stories and relevant blog posts are winning topics as well.

Getting retweets takes effort, plain and simple. When you see your tweets reposted to followers you did not have to work to gain, you will see that the effort pays off. Remember, well drafted tweets are powerful tools to increase traffic to your website.