Video Blogging

Is there a way you can make money online with videos? For sure there could be hundreds of ways to earn money on the internet by using videos. Needless to say, that question is somewhat out of line or shall we say it’s not the right question. Maybe it should be, “What are the proven and really doable methods to earn money online with videos?

Okay, for seasoned internet marketers maybe you can get why that first paragraph was written that way. Anyway, I’m still considering producing my own YouTube videos and testing it with a certain niche where I see a lot of potential. I’ll be posting my reports in the future posts.

For now let’s have a quick look at what video blogging has been and the great money making potential it can provide to internet marketers.

Because of the surge of YouTube’s popularity, video blogging came into the play with with many folks showing remarkable talent, hilarious moments, gratuitous views as well as shameless self promotion. Who is going to forget about the “Numa Numa” guy, the “Star Wars” kid, the “lonelygirl15” fiasco (which concluded somewhat tragic), “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”, “Charlie the Unicorn”, the “Evolution of Dance”, last but not least the well known “Chris Crocker”, brought the point of tears by his loyalty and devotion to Britney (“the person, not the persona”).

Video blogging in some way carries a knack for going viral a lot more as compared to typical blogging can. And it is in no way been really easy to obtain your Fifteen minutes of fame, especially.

But how and why did video blogging become very popular? You will find diverse explanations which different individuals may suggest. Perhaps it is merely a much more noticeable type of self expression—people have constantly been expressing themselves however it was not until now aided by the internet that they were capable to achieve this on such a wide-spread basis.

Trends have likewise been around also, and video blogging is presently the next popular trend. That may sort of explain the how, so what about the why? It might boil down towards the basic idea that folks simply love to talk about themselves, that is the reason why they will express themselves very much.

Some individuals point to how this can be a era of oversharing—people frequently share intimate details and also publish up personal photos most of where everybody can easily see them. This really is mind boggling to some folks who simply cannot imagine that people today would certainly give up their own privacy so flippantly, however at times it is hard to really feel be conscious of the consequences of oversharing until eventually they will blow up in your face.

Lurkers tend to be easy to overlook, however when you get in the news for ditching work and publishing an image indicating it, it is difficult to ignore that publicity.

This is not that to state that video bloggers are all attention seekers. There is nothing inherently wrong with expressing yourself, and oftentimes video blogging could be truly enjoyable or even inspiring. Usually these video blogs would be the ones which are probably the most real. However, reality gets altered like in lonelygirl15, which unfortunately people reacted extremely bad to. Other people wondered whether or not Chris Crocker has been simply acting to make drama. In the end, video bloggers video themselves and select what to put up there. Would you typically want many people to view you acting entirely and embarrassingly hysterical?

It is apparent now that video blogging has become a lot more than just self expression. It is a feasible, influential channel that may probably continue to offer significant impact in the future and although this is for certain, the actual direction by which it will go isn’t.