The Twitter Cash Formula

Can you really make money online from Twitter? Are you interested to learn how to make money from this popular social networking site? Here comes the Twitter Cash Formula.

The Twitter Cash Formula is a guide that will teach you how to set up an auto pilot system that will have people queuing to follow you on Twitter. It claims that you will be making over $2,217 every single month.

You will also get:

  • Insider guides on how top marketers are pulling thousands of dollars from Twitter every single month
  • Step-by-step video guides on how to set up every aspect of your Twitter account to maximize your revenue
  • Powerful tools allowing you to push the boundaries with your Twitter page
  • Learn the secrets of mass control allowing you to get thousands of followers – and then get them clicking on anything you want!

Does that seem so good to be true? Or does it smells like a scam? Since it’s a paid product I’m not allowed to divulge the whole concept of  Twitter Cash Formula system.

But you can try and review it yourself.

Currently it costs $27.97 one time payment. If you are not satisfied with what you will see inside then you can ask for 100% refund. Just like Clickbank you are free to redeem your money if you deem the product is not good.

It has 8 weeks (two months) money back guarantee.

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Free Twitter Money Making Tips

Well, folks you can use the free method below or you can invest some bucks and cut your learning curve by taking advantage of the Twitter Cash Formula.

Since many internet marketers keep talking about how great Twitter is for business, I decided to do some experiments myself. I’ve seen many bloggers talking about how they used certain formula and are making extra money from it.

With a quick review for the methods they teach, I come up with this simple formula for my own experiment. You can do this method if you want.

1. Sign up for a Twitter account. You will need to choose a user name – something that relates to the niche you are intending to market.

You will also need to upload an icon. This way you are more appealing to be followed.

You can then create another account for another niche if you want.

2. Start following people and returning the follows of other who interest you. It is more beneficial if you follow people on the niche you have chosen.

3. Use Twitter Search and/or this tool to search for the keywords in your niche. Follow all the twitter users on the search results.

how to make money from twitter4. Use Tweetlater to automatically follow those who follow you and unfollow those who unfollow you.

You can actually use Tweetlater to send Direct Messages to your followers on autopilot. It works like an email auto-responder.

Since you are only allowed to follow up 1000 people per day you need to unfollow all those that did not follow you back.

If you don’t want to use Tweetlater you can also use Huitter Mutuality to massively perform the follow and unfollow operation.

5. You are now ready to start making money from Twitter. There are many ways to do that which you can read here.

But I’m going to use affiliate programs here so I’m going to search for products at Clickbank.

6. If you find a product that you deem interesting to your followers you can now start tweeting out your affiliate link.

Please take note: It is NOT good Twitter etiquette to just tweet out links and offers.

Take some time to make conversation with other Twitter members.

Otherwise you will be considered a spammer who is there only for self-promotion.

7. Schedule your daily tweets using Tweetlater.

While you can schedule some time to interact with other members, you can schedule your affiliate links (and other messages) to be twitted at times where most of your followers are online.

8. Use Tweetbucks to shorten and at the same time cloak your affiliate links.

Tweetbucks actually allow you to earn more money for each click that is made on your Tweet using the shortened link. You can also earn commission for every purchase made on the ads.

You can also use Tweetbucks to simply shorten your blog post urls and Twit it. If your followers clicks it to read the post, you earn some cents from the click.

9. Wait for your earnings to come.

Not all people will click on your links, but some will do and some will buy your offers. I made two sales on a paid membership program doing this simple technique.

Disclaimer: This tip is for informational purposes only, results are not guaranteed. Do it at your own risk and please don’t hate me if does not work for you.


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