Trying To Make Money Online?

So do you want to try to make money online? Well, don’t just try. Just do it. Take action. Make solid plans. Make it known right from the beginning.

When you say “try” it seems that you’re not really that committed to make it. Many people who say they try are more likely those who quit immediately when things don’t come up as they initially expected.

I spent one year trying to make money on the internet. No plans, no course of action, no focus. And the result was one year of my time was almost wasted.

Set yourself on creating an online business where it can generate you a solid income in the future. For every website or blog that you create, just think of it as an investment. If you don’t know how and where to start then find the right people or internet marketers who can really teach and coach you.

If you don’t have the means to pay for money making guides or programs then there are real make money online bloggers out there who gives free tips and advice on how you can start with at least a real money making blog.

make money businessJust be cautious in choosing what kind of make money blogs you’re going to read. Many will just misguide you while many are just interested to make money out of you being a beginner. It’s a waste of time and money following such misleading blogs.

There are also that those who will just entertain you but you will not actually learn a thing on how to make your first dollar online. Well, entertainment is good but if you need cash you have to make your priorities first.

Treat your money making endeavor as a business and not just an online make money site. Give value to it. Give it a brand.

Don’t try to pretend that you’re not in for the money. If you really need to earn you should not be shy to put it on your site or blog title. For example, you blog title will say “make money with a dork” or “make money online with Bizphere” then make it like that.

That is better than making it like the plain “Bizphere”. Why? Simply for SEO’s sake. You see, most people would just take your blogs name when they’re giving links to your site.

This is especially helpful if you prefer socializing on sites like Entrecard, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking sites.

So when your social friends link to you they will not just put the “Bizphere” on the anchor link. This is actually my case when I was heavily involving this blog on social sites. Check my links; many are anchored on my blogs domain name.

You have a greater chance of gaining higher search engine ranks for the term ”make money online” (given that’s your niche) if your social buddies (who don’t have the idea about SEO) will link to your blog with the anchor “Make Money With Bizphere”.

If you really want to make money online then again don’ just try, just do it.

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  • Les Johnson

    Yeah I do agree with you as I have my own on-line business selling info products e-zines and vids. I agree that you do need some sort of direction and commitment otherwise you are like a rudderless ship.

    I find that it is best to keep a check-list of things to do and try to set aside the time to do them, ie schedule a specific time of day to get these objectives completed.

    Also I think that there is no better resource than the web if you need info on a certain topic (you don’t always have to pay for info) check out for many answers to your problems.