How To Trim Expenses On A Trip To Disney World

Ask any family about where they would love to take a family vacation, and Disney World is sure to top the list.  The cost, however, scares a lot of families off.  The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank in order to enjoy a great vacation at Disney World.  Think creatively and budget wisely to enjoy a fun-filled, carefree time at Disney World.

Prices at Disney World are not always the same.  For instance, during the off-season, the costs are cheaper, while in the peak season, the prices go up.  You can therefore save some money by scheduling your family visit to Disney World during the off-season when traffic is low and the demand is not as high.

You can also save money by paying in advance for an extended visit.  Buying a multi-day pass will save you money on the daily rate, as the prices drop substantially the longer you stay.  Purchase tickets to multiple parks as a package instead of paying entrance fees to each one separately.  These tickets are called park hoppers and will save you a bundle.

Be sure to plan your trip carefully.  Keep in mind that many little one may not be too thrilled about facing the life-sized Disney characters or the rides.  Your family might be content spending time at the free destinations outside the main entrance.  They might also be content to spend the entire trip at one park rather than trying to squeeze everything into your allotted time.

There are several ways of getting around the expensive detail of accommodation.  One of these is to lodge at off-site hotels.  If you are going with a large group, you can lease a condo or house and share the cost with all the people in the group.  These options are usually a lot less expensive than the lodgings provided at Disney world.  Another affordable option is to stay at a campsite either on the Disney property or off-site.

Daily parking fees can make a dent in your savings, so it is wise to opt for free transportation options offered by many off-site and all onsite accommodations.  Popular choices include the EPCOT Waterway Boats and Seven Seas Lagoon Boats.

Days at Disney are long, so you need to stop and eat.  Meals on-site are expensive with a capital E.  You might be tempted to give your family the best of everything by paying for the signature character breakfast so your children can meet Mickey Mouse.  Having breakfast before you leave can save you a lot of money, even though it might not be as fun.  Your children can still meet several of the characters at no extra charge if you check the appearance schedule in the map.

Bring your own drinks and snacks into the park for when your family gets hungry in between meals.  Packing a lunch is another money-saver, but if you want to have a meal on-site, choose this one.  Disney lunches are not as expensive as dinner.  For dinner you can go to an off-site restaurant like Sizzler or Golden Corral, or make something at your hotel or campsite.  The rest will probably serve everyone well and revive you for the evening’s fun.

how to save moneyTry to bring all your necessities with you, because you don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices for essentials once you are in the park.  To save money, pack all that you will need for your trip.  This includes essentials such as water, sun screen, and those all important batteries for your camera.  If you have a young child, you will want to plan to bring extra necessities just in case.

Everyone wants to carry mementos of their vacation time back home.  That means souvenirs.  Remember to spend sensibly.  It is all too easy to get out of control and purchase more than is really necessary.

Avoid the souvenir splurge.  Regardless of what your children might think, you don’t need a dozen “back-up” Mickey Mouse hats.  You can also find cheaper souvenir items by visiting off-site Disney outlets.

Many families over the years have fond memories of their trips to Disney World.  You can also have such memories, when you plan well for your vacation.  A vacation to Disney World does not have to be expensive.  Think of ingenious ways to save money and you will be able to gift your family with their dream vacation.