Traffic Exchange Sites Can Hurt Your Adsense Account

Did you know that clicking your own adsense ads is not the only ground for Google to terminate your account?

Recently, I came across some bloggers whining about their Adsense account being banned without any reason. They pointed out that they never clicked their ads nor done anything against Google TOS.

While my sympathy goes for them, I noticed how they might have gone into serious fault. They innocently submitted their sites to traffic exchange sites especially autosurfs and autohits. I easily observed that through their FeedJit Widgets and their Project Wonderful stats.

Promoting or submitting your sites or blogs to traffic exchange sites (especially autosurfs) with your adsense ads in it may result in your adsense account being terminated. This is simply because getting hits from these artificial traffic generators exposes your ads into “invalid impressions”.

This is against Google TOS. It is clearly stated in the Google AdSense Program Policies.

Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest. Any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions on your Google ads is strictly prohibited. These prohibited methods include but are not limited to repeated manual clicks or impressions, using robots, automated click and impression generating tools, third-party services that generate clicks or impressions such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, autosurf, and click-exchange programs, or any deceptive software.

Some of us may not be aware that those ads displayed on our pages are not all CPC-based. Some are CPM-based. That means you are paid per thousand impressions. I know this to be true because I noticed it on my adsense earnings account. This is the reason why Google prohibits adsense publishers from such impressions.

Does this mean you can’t use traffic exchange and autosurf sites to drive visitors to your sites? There are innovative ways to utilize this kind of traffic generation method.

One is by simply creating a splash page or window page. This will serve as click through to your main site. This will be the one that you should submit to traffic exchange programs or autosurf sites instead of your main page which may directly expose your adsense ads.


  • nepspeed82

    Thank God I never joined these types of programs. Come to think of it, this must also be the reason why some entrecard users resorted to quick drop pages before, thinking that entrecard could make artificial-like traffic in the future.

  • Van

    Of course, traffic exchange program just is fake traffic, it fakes your quality. There for it won’t give you any profits.

  • Helen

    Real traffic is what matters and autosurf or autohit traffic is really just a waste of time. Many new webmasters fall into the trap of thinking any traffic is good traffic, but ultimately end up paying the price when they don’t see any real results from automated traffic.

  • Joy

    I’m glad I’m able to read this and I got warned with those traffic exchange. Thank you for sharing.

  • mxyzplk

    uhmmm yup… it is, btw what about PTC or entrecard? I heard that its not allowed to advertise our blog/site that have adsense on ptc site.

  • freezine

    Yes, PTC or paid-to-click sites or any click exchange programs are also not allowed according to Google adsense program policy.

  • Low Han Yew

    I use AdSense, but I haven’t earned much from it since I registered an account around late May this year. This is a good post. Thanks for pointing out the information!

  • Tony Cathey

    You have both entrecard on your site as well as google adsense ads. Are you not worried at all?


  • jane

    that’s probably why my site remained a zero. It used to be a pr 3. sigh*

  • freezine

    @ Tony Cathey, I think you shouldn’t worry about Entrecard, it’s not considered as an automatic traffic exchange program. It’s a community where real people visit your site.

    Jane, I think it’s more of the paid posts (if you have lots of them) or the “LinkWorth – In-Text Advertising” and not the traffic exchange sites that makes your PageRank remain at zero.

  • Fawaz

    I just read your post, i’m very thankful to you because i was going to do this type of thing (joining these programs). You saved my account Thanks mate.