Top Linking Secrets

BacklinkingGenerating traffic to a blog or site is one of the challenges a new internet marketer has to face. While you can choose to spend money on PPC (pay-per-click) to drive needed visitors on your site, you can actually draw organic traffic without spending a dime. One of the best ways to achieve this is creating backlinks to your pages.

It’s sure easy to just throw out links everywhere but there are savvy techniques in creating links that can effectively improve your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and eventually explode traffic to your site. Mike Liebner from Article Underground has created a video wherein he reveals his 20 linking secrets. I found it informative and helpful for starting webmasters so I’m sharing it here.

If you haven’t watched this video yet, you can proceed and download his 20 linking secrets video. It’s FREE. Here are some quick notes from the video:

1. Match Titles with link text.
For example, the title of your webpage is “Keyless Entry System” your link txt should appear like this:
<a href=””> Keyless Entry System</a>

2. Match the words with link txt.
Get links from pages with related content.

3. Vary your link text. Avoid pattern
Patterns may raise alarm to Google and Yahoo so avoid a monotonous link txt. From the first example avoid using “Keyless Entry System” in all your link exchanging activities. Try using Keyless systems, Entry Keyless Systems, or Keyless Entry.

4. Get links from high PR pages.
If possible exchange links from sites with higher page rank. (Does that mean you should not exchange links with me?) Michael states that sites with high PR are sites that Google trusts. (So when your site has no PR, Google has no trust in you. Just kidding).

5. Get link text ideas from your stats.
Find out what KEYWORDS are already bringing people to your web site and make an effort to get more text links with those words.

6. Practice IP Diversity – Avoid pattern
In the real world most popular web sites have links pointing at them from all over the globe. It’s naturally diverse. If you have an unusual amount of links coming from one place – Google maybe alarmed that there’s something fishy.

7. Get all kinds of links from all different kinds of web sites.
Spread the link love – act natural. (Alright, so you should exchange links with me.) The most successful sites naturally have all kinds of links pointing at them from all kinds of websites. Their backlinks are naturally diverse.

8. Link to words that are on your page.
Use what you’ve got. Don’t use words that can’t be found on your article. (Maybe you can use mine).

9. Link to misspelled words.
Put the misspelled word on your page ONE TIME and link to it ONE TIME with the misspelled text and chances are you’ll get traffic. (I actually got some traffic from misspelled words.)

10. Squidoo and Social Bookmarking
Build a lens and use it to send high power text links back at your web pages. But make sure to link to your Squidoo page. (No wonder why my Squidoo lens is buried down into oblivion – no backlinks eh.)

11. Write articles and submit to directories
Make sure you vary links in your author box and never link to a site with the same content. Also don’t oversubmit. (I undersubmit).

12. Free hosted blogs and domains.
There are hundreds of them out there. You can sign up and get your free web space and use them to point links back at your pages. (I did this but I observed that you need to make your free sites listed on the search engines – need to create links for it too).

13. Automated link exchange.
Be careful with this and watch where your links are coming from. Not every service really gives you IP Diversity and some may even leave footprints that will give you away.

14. Find similar reciprocal directories.
If you find a great link exchange directory try to see if you can find more using the same software. Reciprocal manager for instance is popular and is easy to submit sites to. (This is good. You can see the full explanation of this in the video).

15. Buy advertising text link auctions.
(There are some issues with this. Again you can watch the full explanation at the video.)

16. Directory submission software or services
Submit your sites to SEO friendly directories.

You can download the 20 linking secrets video and watch the full details of the techniques listed above.

Disclaimer: As in most businesses you will be presented with an offer at the end of the video and it’s your sole discretion to evaluate what is offered. I’m not connected with Mike Liebner in any way.