Top Benefits That Show Why Online Businesses Should Use Promotional Videos

The competition for online marketers is intense, but there is a tool that will help you rise above the others. That marketing powertool is the online video. Adding a video to a site instantly enhances its appeal and effectiveness. With the advancement in the interactive abilities of videos, they are becoming more powerful and attractive than ever before. Videos are successful for three main reasons. A video on a site instantly draws in the reader. It also rapidly highlights the most relevant information and establishes a rapport with the viewer.

The first step to making money online is driving traffic to your site. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Once visitors have found your site, your goal is to keep them there as long as possible. Most visitors click away from the majority of sites within the first few seconds. A site with a video, however, offers something a text-heavy site does not. Videos are fast and entertaining. Plus it is a lot easier to watch a video than to read a page full of text.

Using videos helps to draw in your prospects and hold their interests. They are mesmerizing. To some people, long sales pages can be a turnoff if they are not instantly compelled to stick around. Most people, however, will stay on a site long enough to watch a video, particularly if their only active involvement is clicking play.

Top Benefits That Show Why Online Businesses Should Use Promotional Videos

The video commands the simultaneous attention of the eyes and ears to increase viewer’s involvement in the information gathering process. People will watch a video long before they will take the time to read something for themselves. A video running anywhere from half a minute to three minutes or more can still hold the attention of the viewer. During the process, of course, you are filling them full of the most important and appealing points of your site.

Some visitors will take the time to read through the text on your site. Most visitors, however, are not that ambitious or committed. Therefore, they will likely click away from the site before you have had a chance to convey the most important points about your company, product, or service. A video is ideal at presenting this information before a visitor’s attention span runs out. By demonstrating a product, summarizing the site, or giving a quick, but thorough overview of your service, you will hopefully pass on enough information to keep the visitor on your site or make a new customer.

In your marketing, you will encounter people who have an over-riding interest in your niche and will read through pages of text simply because they want to. Most visitors, however, are not that ambitious or committed. If your site throws pages of text at the visitors, you will have lost them before you can share the benefits of your company. A video can grab people’s attention and give them all the highlights of a site before they’ve had a chance to lose interest. Through a quick site summary or product demonstration, you can quickly turn people on to your business and hopefully make customers, subscribers, or repeat visitors out of them.

Creating customers out of visitors requires establishing a relationship of trust. Videos are useful at establishing this connection. The more intimately involved people are with a company, the greater the chance they will become customers. Get the people involved by posting interactive, introductory, or demonstration videos. Interactive videos allow the viewer to somehow become involved with the on-screen action. Technology in this area is exploding. Complex interactive videos are already bursting onto the scene, drawing people into the film like never before. The more involved a person gets, the more they feel a relationship with the company. Another way to make people feel personally connected to the company is to introduce real people or show real products supporting the site’s performance claims. This face-to-face and hands-on perception establishes an element of connection.

Some web video marketers are connecting with their viewers on a higher level. They are producing videos that allow viewers to affect the outcome of the video by clicking on it in certain ways. Some video designers use augmented reality to allow a realistic, almost hands-on interaction with videos.

The video trend is rising fast, and this is only the beginning. The future will reveal video technology nobody could have imagined. The scope is magnificent. Your competitors know this, and many of them are riding the video trend. It’s time to get on board or be thrown under the train.

While videos will never completely replace the written word, they have many benefits. With a video you can quickly connect with your visitors and give them a rapid overview of your product or service. Used properly, they can carry your online marketing business to the next level.