Things to Consider When Starting a Blog

Owing the enormous popularity that make money online blogging gained during the past five years, many people are considering starting their own blog for the purpose of earning some serious cash. While it is true that a lot of internet marketers and even ordinary bloggers managed to earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars by simply blogging about what they love, it would be honest to say that not every blog is a success.

Moreover, while some blogs enjoy tremendous popularity, others are not equally well known and some fail to attract the attention of the readers completely. As a result, they miserably fail to earn even a single penny from their blogging efforts.

With that honest reality, there are some things to consider before starting your own blog for the purpose of making money online. Here are some:

Choosing a Niche

A niche simply refers to the central topic or subject of your blog. It is very vital for you to focus on something in particular and have firsthand experience as well as expertise on the subject. This way, it would be easy for you producing relevant content to your readers. It is, however, very important to note here that not all niches are profitable even when it is proven to attract a lot of traffic. With that said, it is equally important to research about the profitability of the certain topic or keyword that you’re intending to blog about.

Learn Blog Marketing

make money online from blogsIt doesn’t always mean that because you have a blog, visitors and readers will be coming from out of nowhere. If you’re still starting from nothing it is important that you learn something about blog marketing.

Some forms of blog marketing include mainly of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and social network marketing.

With search engine marketing you should be able to learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), writing SEO friendly content, and at times when you’re really serious about your blogging business you may use Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

With social network marketing, as the term implies, you should be able to effectively promote your blog on social network sites. Social sites include, LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course Facebook. Depending on your marketing skill, it’s possible to draw thousands of traffic from this type of blog marketing method.

Don’t Quit Your Job Yet

Many people hastily quit their regular job thinking that the money they could make from blogging could somehow suffice their daily needs. This is not really advisable. Blogging is a very uncertain proposition. It works for some and not for others in spite of their best efforts. Therefore leaving your full time job can actually bring you to an unwanted situation of financial crisis and debt. To be safe, simply set some time to write for your blog in a daily base. In fact, I’m writing this blog post while watching news on TV. You may only quit your job when it starts to earn substantial and steady income.