The Super Affiliates Little Secrets

Perhaps you have heard of stories about super affiliates making money online for as much as $50,000 or more per month. That’s even tougher than what popular bloggers like John Chow are earning.

You want to know their little secrets? If you’re going to ask them how they do it, most of them won’t tell you the real answer. That’s because they don’t want everybody to know their game plan in fear of massive competition once the secret is revealed.

Here’s a quick overview of Mr. Nice Guy’s revelation about some of the truths that super affiliates don’t want you to know about how they earn huge amount of money through affiliate marketing.

  1. Super affiliates maintain not only one or 10 but hundreds of niche blogs. If they tell you that they make such a large income from only one blog then they are lying to you.
  2. Super affiliates hire people to do most of the jobs for them. The hired people will be the one actually performing the frontline jobs like content writing, linking, and SEOing. The linkers or SEOers do the search engine optimization such as back linking, directory submission, article submission, forum posting, social bookmarking, and other traffic generation techniques to fast track blog traffic.
  3. Super affiliates outsource most of their writing work. Some smart SA’s hire ghostwriters from cheaper writing freelance markets like India and the Philippines.
  4. Super affiliates run niche blogs with unique topics. They get their niche topics by researching through keyword research tools such as Wordtracker.
  5. Super affiliates do adwords marketing. This medium is very effective for them and since they have the budget then they have of course the greater advantage.

I guess many of you who have gone before me on affiliate marketing already know these little secrets. But if you want to read more of Mr. Nice Guy’s discussion about the five truths mentioned above just visit the links below.

NOTE: Link removed. The page does not exist anymore.


  • Lee

    Good article and thanks. I agree on the multiple blogs/sites – something I need to start doing myself.


    I found this to be true, I’ve heard of someone making $3,000.00 a month just selling a single article. But do you think I can get her to tell me anything about her “niche Marketing” like what are you selling, did you have to set up a separate webpage, and tell me everything. Not on her life. She keeps that a deep dark secret. I never thought she would keep “that” such a secret, but if they are afraid that everyone will start doing what she is doing and then they will no longer make the money that they are making.Great post and I really enjoyed the last post, but I found this one and it hit home.