The Sad Truth About Making Money From Blogging

moneycaseAs a beginner and a blogging idiot, I have been reading lots of blog posts and ebooks teaching about how to make money blogging. When I first read this kind of articles my initial impression was it was damn too easy. But it was not.

The sad truth: so many beginners trying to make money through blogging are miserably not making at least a hundred bucks per month. Much less a dime. It’s simply because we were mislead with most of the crappy information found on most crappy make money online blogs.

You should not wonder why you’ll read so many craps in this blog too. You know the influence, lol. Although it’s too late to delete all this craps, it’s still early to reform.

Anyway, since making money through affiliate links and Adsense with a new blog simply doesn’t work, I have observed that the easiest easy and most practical ways for beginners to start making money is to whore it with paid postings and paid linking. In other words writing sponsored reviews. This is good in terms of short term benefits.

On the other way, if you’re trying to get the long term benefits by obtaining a share of the front page position in Google SERP’s because you know that hitting the first page means more traffic which will convert to more earnings (by moneytizing it with Adsense or affiliate products as blogging gurus usually preach), the presence of paid postings may pose some great disadvantages because Google simply hates paid reviews and may penalize your site for it. This makes it harder to make a first page campaign on the SERPs.

In this country where there are many “internet savvy” folks but have bills to pay and families to feed, it would be practical to look for ways that makes money fast so they can keep up with the daily needs. Hence, one of the quickest and probably the easiest option is to go for sponsored reviews and selling links rather than to wait for months or years trying to get decent traffic that could convert to cash.

So what can we do if we want to reap both the short term and the long term benefits of making a living through blogs?

From a beginner’s point of view, the immediate and rather obvious answer to that is simply to create multiple blogs. With that, some blogs maybe used for taking advantage of the short term benefits and some maybe used to prepare for the long term benefits.

I just started experimenting with multiple blogs and then positioning some of it for a first page hit on the SERPs by implementing basic SEO and backlinking techniques. Let’s see how much money can be made with SEO optimized blogs and not just merely blogging as usually taught in many blogging for profits sort of ebooks that we see everywhere.


  • alex

    Great article! I don’t know if I could have said it better myself. It is hard with one blog and picking the right blog is just as hard.

  • Pastilan

    Yes, it is not that easy. Affiliate links never got me any money. As to Google Adsense, I am still in the $70 mark, two or more months more before I’d hit the $100 mark for payout and it would be a year since I first put Google ads in my blog.

    But I earn big from paid posts. I filled my blogs with paid posts. Google was kind enough to give my blogs page rank despite the fact that they are laden with paid posts. My main blog was PR0 last year so I placed lots of paid post on it and never worried about PR. Last December 30, Google gave it PR3. Yes, from PR0 to PR3 even if it is full of paid posts. And because of the increased PR, I got even more paid posts and earned more than a hundred buck from paid posts alone in that blog alone in January.

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  • Bizz

    Alex thanks for dropping by.

  • Bizz

    Pastilan, nice to know you’re earning a lot with paid posts.

    I think one of the reasons why Google is kind to you is that your paid posts are originally written and most are clean, I mean no direct reference to the paid blogging company and there’s no badge placed every after posts. Nice move man… 🙂

    Happy earning…

  • Harrison

    I think many people start a blog with the intention of making money. I think you should blog about something you like, work at it, build a readership, then hopefully try and make some money from it but going into it with dollar signs in your eyes is probably not a good strategy… it’s just too difficult to do.

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  • Mark Daymond

    My blogs have been going for 8 months and just starting to make a bit of money now – still very slow going though. I will persist though as I am determined to make some money from them. I guess one of the most important things is to stay focused on content and not let earning money get in the way.

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