The Growing Business Of Making Money Online

While doing my own keyword research using Google’s External Keyword Tool, its actually the very first time that I used it seriously, it seems to me that there are hundreds of make money online related keywords that have sprung up on Google’s keyword database. With the ongoing global economic recession it’s not so surprising to see that the search engine results are inflated with thousands of queries that have to do about how to make money online.

This queries include terms like how to make money on the internet, how to make money fast and easy, make money from home free, online money making business, earn quick cash online, how to make easy money, how to make quick money, money making opportunities, ways to make money online, make money form home using the internet and so on and so forth.

Many of these keywords have an approximate average search volume of over 1000. This just shows to me that the business of making money online is growing at a tremendous rate. This is probably due to the increasing number recession-affected people who turn to the internet to look for a living.

This makes me reconsider my plan of diverting this blog into another niche that I thought would be much easier to rank for in the search engines. Most, if not all, of the highly searched make money online keywords are strongly dominated by master internet marketers and link building experts.

Aside from that there are hundreds of MMO blogs being set up everyday by beginners wanting to make money on the internet also. That makes it fiercely competitive and nearly impossible for a less linked site to get to the first pages. My only consolation, however, is that there are newer keywords and actually hundreds of it to focus on.

On the other hand, I’m glad to finally remove Project Wonderful’s ad boxes on my sidebar. I received an email from PW stating that they have deleted their ad boxes on my site because it “was found to be violating their Terms of Service and/or failing to meet their publisher standards”. This statement is not clear. I’m not sure about the former but the term “failing to meet our publisher standards” have something to do with poor traffic.

Since I left the social network sites with this blog, I’m now only getting average page hits of around 20-30 per day. Well, PW is a good money making program provided you have lots of traffic to your site. I’ve been using this program for over eight months or so but so far I only earned exactly $5.55.

If you have thousands of traffic you could use PW to monetize it but basing on this experience, ooops no hurt feelings or whatsoever, I would rather use Adsense instead. So far, Adsense is still the most viable way to make money online with a content blog using search engine marketing as a way to direct traffic.