The Fun With Blog Hopping

What kind of post content and blog authors do you often encounter when you go blog hopping? We usually read varied content themes which may reflect the blog author’s interest and expertise. Well, sometimes some authors are just experimenting.

Here are some of my own weird thoughts but please don’t get offended if you feel you get bulls eyed. It’s just for fun anyway.

1. Hello world. This is my first post. Follow me on my little journey.

The author must be a starting blogger. We all go through that.

2. The post is full of and tips and tricks but it’s hard for the ordinary surfers and bloggers alike to pursue or implement. This is good for technical and internet geeky people. But if you want a try, be careful messing with the codes or you might spank yourself later.

Author must be a programmer but might not be a good teacher.

3. You enjoyed reading because every word was carefully chosen and every sentence was fluidly laid out. After reading it you realized you’re in another niche which is not of your interest for the moment but you we’re seduced into reading the whole post.

The blogger must be a professional writer and obviously has excellent writing skills. How I wish I could write like that and blog like crazy and make you crazy too.

4. Interestingly written post but the content is all about the author’s personal and everyday life. What benefit is that to you? Well, it depends on how you take it. It depends on how you relate with the author’s lamentations and thoughts.

The blog is the author’s online diary. Always prepare a tissue beside you, for the tears just in case. (sob) I’m touched.

5. You smile and even crack with laughter before finishing to read the post. You realize you’re alone laughing.

The author must be a seasoned comedian. Just let your officemates know you’re reading something funny so they’re assured you didn’t lose your mind.

6. The content is full of negative rants and whines. Maybe the author just wanted to release an emotional pressure that is boiling in his/her chest. Just understand it. Respect it. But if every post were written like that then better run for for the tall grass.

You don’t want to inhale all the smoke, do you? Bye and bye you may found yourself get influenced and you might be writing like them too.

7. The blogger has an ordinary writing style and the post even contains occasional misspellings and grammatical error but you picked up at least one idea that’s worth remembering. Something you can’t forget even if you knock your head on the wall three times.

English must be the author’s second language but he/she has unique ideas. Can we monetize that?

8. The post offers encouragements and advices. You were inspired and enlightened about some aspects of your blogging career.

The author must be a professional blogger. Or must be someone posing to be one?

9. You read more about money, how to make money, but got no honey. The post is interlaced with adsense ads and banners above or below the post. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that. Everybody wants money.

The author is a make money online blogger, but may not be making money at all.

10. The post contains lots of prominent and bold keywords that it almost distracts your eye from reading.

The blogger is an SEO addict and he’s trying to attract the search engines but it seems that the engines are so ever elusive.

11. You read about preserving Mother Nature, biodiversity, and global warming.

The blogger must be a nature lover, or animal lover. Not money lover maybe but those ads are needed to support the hosting and domain fees.

12. You read about those lucky people from Hollywood and the local movie industries.

The blogger must be a celebrity fanatic or just trying to monetize it, at least. Entertainment is one of the most visited niches and it can be profitable, mind you.

13. You see pictures of beautiful girls, mostly daring. And if you’re a guy, without any percentage of a gay, your eyes will widen and you feel something gets awakened.

No need to mention that. If you know it, clap your hands.

14. The author presents some interesting ideas but didn’t dive into the details and that keeps you hanging and wanting for more discussions.

It could be that the blogger want you to hit the comment button and add more to the content.


  • Rocks

    this is so funny and so true! I encountered them all and I’m pretty sure I’m one of them too 🙂

  • terrence

    very true!

  • Scotty's Princess

    You hit everything right! I was smiling when reading this one. Adding a little humor made it more interesting. You were able to capture every kind of blog that abound nowadays…


  • Khurshed

    I recently discovered entrecard, and started to bloghop… Your post about the different types of blogs out there is spot on 🙂
    Was smiling when i finished reading it… ty for the smile!

  • Marc

    Wow that picture with the ‘poser’ guy really knocked me off my seat. On topic, yeah we people have different reasons why we blog. End of the day blogging is still up to the person writing it and we readers are just mere watchers of their maestro. 🙂

  • Eric - InfiniteWebProfit

    Nice observations.
    These are mostly the blogs we can find at entrecard network. You really had fun on your blog hopping.

  • Joy

    I like reading your post..absolutely true. Sometimes you will raise your eyebrow reading with other post especially newbie blogger when they don’t know how to put period in the end. And you will be curious if you do the same, the correct grammar or something like that haha, you’ll end up checking your own post.
    I love reading post with opinions like yours.

  • freezine

    Thanks guys and gals for reading and for your comments. Blog hopping and Entrecard dropping is really enjoyable if we really take it that way.

    Have fun!

  • Melissa

    I found this to be very entertaining as well as a great read. I am still laughing at the pic!

  • I enjoyed reading this post! I wonder which number(s) I belong to? Hmmm… 🙂

  • 15. You read about the most wonderful, extraordinary, miraculous product ever to hit the market since the advent of Rollerblades, and the next day you read about a different product that will change your life, and the following day you read about a product that will send you directly to heaven …

    You’re reading product reviews by a blogger who indiscriminately loves everything about everything, and therefore you can’t believe much of what they’re telling you.

  • freezine

    Joy, truly you will learn from the mistakes of others because as you’ve said you will be curious if you do the same.

    KCee, the list is actually not complete. It can go a long way down the road. Your blog is honestly one of the sites that I enjoy reading…

    Melissa, even me I still smile whenever I remember that pic.

    FeeFiFoto, lol.. you made me laugh with your additional observations. Thanks for that. You’re really smart to get the hint at #14.