The Donkey Job

There is always a struggle in every venture we choose to pursue both online and offline. Be it a quest to make money online or a dream to set up your on brick and mortar business in the real world. There is always some price to pay for every dream or goal you want to achieve.

In the offline world we all know that to be able to set up and start a successful money making business you need to have all the initial investments needed. You need to have a solid business plan, a capital (that’s a lot of money for sure), a real worthwhile product, and the right knowledge and skills. Above all, you really have to work hard – just like a donkey. Without these things it is almost impossible to set up a profitable business in the actual world.

Most offline businesses wouldn’t be making you immediate profit in its early stages. It may take up to year or so before you can finally realize some revenue. It’s been a common observation that in the first months the entrepreneur tends to spend more money than what he/she will profit. The business owner may only start earning real profits as early as six months (a rare and lucky situation) or in most case after a year.

Why am I saying these things?

It’s what I am observing right now. Since last month I’ve been into a kind of business – a donkey business that is sucking all the owner’s time, money and effort. It also sucks my time and effort that it almost stops me on my journey to learning how to make a living online.

funny donkey business

With this experience, there is really a lot of lesson for me and I’m going to share some of it in this post.

Focus. Know what you really want to do and focus on it. In the actual offline job, working on something that you don’t really want to do makes you hate that job. That kind of hatred intensifies when you begin to realize that what you’re doing is something you cannot love and is taking all the time that is supposed to be spent in your own online business.

One of the drawbacks of making money online is that it takes time especially if you are a beginner. And if you’re attacked with financial problems as well as other personal concerns, you are forced to look for immediate source of income. My mistake was that I accepted a job offer without considering the time schedule which in this case I found out that there was no definite working hours (as the 9-5 or 8-5 you probably familiar with) and it came to me that I was expected to work around the clock – just like a donkey. The working schedule was only addressed when I told my boss that I’ll be quitting next month to concentrate my online marketing gig.

Patience. As I just said, it takes some time to earn the needed income on the internet especially if you’re just starting and don’t have the proper knowledge and guidance. Online business is really hard if you don’t know what you’re doing but it can truly be financially liberating when you learn at least the basics of it and start earning some real bucks for a living.

I actually began earning a good income on one of my money sites two weeks after accepting the donkey job. I call it donkey job because it’s almost taking all my time, resources, and effort. And the irony of it all is that the site is earning three times more than the fixed salary from this donkey job.

Motive. You see, I was told that my only job was to keep an eye and maintain the computer system that runs the whole business. And so I thought this is a good opportunity because at the same time I’ll be doing online marketing. What comes to light is that my motive was not really that good – a selfish one. The job requires your heart and soul – yeah, a truly donkey job at its best.

Investigate. See before you jump. I thought it was just going to be a simple job. As previously mentioned, what I was told is that I’m just going to watch and maintain the computer system and nothing more. But what I failed to do is to ask what other tasks I am expected to do.  So when the cart begun to roll here comes the almost sleepless nights editing and printing fliers, brochures, and whatever.

Next load? Here comes their company website. Ah, that should be a totally different task.

I also failed to investigate if there were some real office or at least a dedicated room just for the job. What comes after the sunny day is a so called I.T. room just inside my friend’s apartment room. So I have to bear working with all the usual mess going on in a family. So I just kid myself once in a while saying, “Whoa, this is a real donkey home-based business”.

Haven’t you notice I am a stupid dork? A dork that makes money online!