The Automated Spider Web Marketing Blog

Do you want a blog that is automatically filled with articles? Do you want content that is customized to make it unique just for you? All you have to do is slap it with your adsense ads and wait for the money to come in. All for FREE!

I know those are lame questions and the offer looks like a scam.. haha. Of course everybody wants a free launch but I think there is always a price for something that you want to achieve. Before I tell you the price let’s take a quick review of the SpiderWeb Marketing system.

Spider Web Marketing system is simply an MLM-based network marketing program. Most of the money making part of in here is recruiting other people to join the system. The automated blog part is actually very easy to do even without using the system. But to make that automated blog to earn an income, you must drive traffic to it.

You can find detailed and hyped-up spiderwebmarketing reviews out there but I just want to say it honestly and simple here:

  • You make money online only on automated spider blog if there is a good amount of traffic visiting it. The more traffic the more chance your adsense will be clicked and more chances that some will buy your affiliate products.
  • This system works best if you actively refer or recruit others to join under you. You know that MLM depends on the power of leveraging or multiplying other people’s effort. The more downlines you have the more money you earn.
  • Should you prefer to concentrate on your Spiderweb site and not going to hunt for leads or recruits, you should really work hard each day to generate traffic to it. This is either through PPC or actively promote it on Yuwie, Direct Matches or other social network sites that the system promotes.

Bottomline: you still have to spend time and money to earn more money online with this program.

Okey here are some facts my sponsor failed to tell me:

  • It’s not FREE after all. If you want the automated blog, you need to spend at least $10 per month for your domain name which you must obtain at GDI (Global Domains International).
  • You must register at GDI so that the customized capture pages and the automated blogging will work.
  • The hosting account and all other tools are FREE, as they say, but the advertising costs may not.

You don’t need to purchase a domain name if you don’t like to. You can still avail the Spider Web Marketing’s money making tools and free “marketing secrets”. Just sign-up, go to your back office and watch the 22+ training videos. You may learn a lot of marketing techniques you may not know yet. You can also learn about the “22 income streams” all of which you can actually join even without working for Spiderweb.


  • Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal

    Hi I looked at this program too. I only watched one video, but I couldn’t figure out if you HAD to buy the domain name and hosting-why not use blogger? At any rate I haven’t pursued it. Did you watch any of the videos or join the program?

  • freezine

    I’m not really focusing much about this program but as far as I understood, if you have an existing account with GDI you don’t need to buy a domain name but if you don’t have an account yet, I think it’s a prerequisite to get an account with Global International Domains in order for the automated blog to work with Blogger.

    I emailed the one who invited me if I could use my existing hosting account but no reply until now so I just dropped it. But I guess, one of the ways that this system works is by signing up with all the connected sites they are promoting.

  • Ramchandra Mehta

    I have been informed by my sponsor that the SWMS is now not providing Automated blog due to some technical reasons.

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