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What is WordPress?

Many folks are asking, “What exactly is WordPress?”. Simply put, it’s a free online software that you can use to create your own blog. If you are not very familiar with blogging or managing your own website, you might have heard of WordPress, but aren’t too sure exactly what it is. WordPress is a personal publishing platform that focuses on usability, web standards and aesthetics. WordpPress is a type of software that will allow you to create your own beautiful website or blog, without having to pay […]

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Make Money Offline Creating Blogs for Other People

Make money blogging could be one of the most searched terms online.  This simply would mean that a lot of people are interested to learn how to earn some cash by blogging. This online money making method would seem so easy at first glance but the truth is it takes more effort than you may ever imagined. With the popularity gained by blogging during the past years, it always amazes me that folks in my place have almost zero knowledge about this internet technology. There bewilderment will […]

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Gone Mimbo

I notice that Magazine styled WordPress themes like Brian Gardner’s Revolution are becoming popular and so it gave me an idea to experiment with some free Magazine based wp themes on make money online blogs. I really like the overall design of Darren Hoyt’s Mimbo magazine theme. It was originally designed for online magazines and online newspapers but I think with just some hacks and customizations here and there it can also be used for some other kind of blogs. If you also want to try this […]

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