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Using Pinterest To It’s Full Potential

pinterest wedding

As an online business owner one of the first things you should focus on is getting the best results from your current marketing methods and marketing with social media and more specifically Pinterest is no different. There are many ways to go about marketing but the best ways are those that take full advantage of all the sites have to offer. So how can you best take advantage of Pinterest? Start with emotionally driven pictures that represent your brand and product. Humans are very emotional creatures and […]

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Pinterest And Videos – It Can Be Done

pinterest videos

Many people know that Pinterest is a social media platform that is also a photo sharing site but what a lot of people don’t realize is that it is also a video sharing site. That is, if you share a video link on Pinterest the video will become embedded into your image for Pinterest and you’ve got another great traffic source. What does this mean for your business? Well first off it means if you don’t have pictures readily available but have videos already on Youtube and […]

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Pinterest – Viral Marketing At It’s Best And Simplest

pinterest for your online business

Viral marketing is one sure fire way to gain exposure for your online business with minimal efforts. Getting your site and products to go viral though can be difficult. Or at least it used to be. Now with Pinterest you can get your products, brand and site to go viral with just a few clicks of your mouse and the odd interesting photo. That’s right. You can now take advantage of the viral nature of social marketing sites without having to put in excessive efforts and/or time. […]

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Pinterest – The Newest Social Marketing Medium For Small Businesses

pinterest for small business

Staying on top of the newest social media marketing methods can be difficult and down right maddening. Everyday a new social media site appears and it can make any small business owner shake their head and wonder how will they ever utilize this new one. The newest one to hit the market of course is Pinterest and this is a great little site because for just a few extra minutes each day you can substantially expand your reach to new potential customers and build your online brand […]

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Pinterest: How A Picture Can Be Worth Thousands To Your Business

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words has never meant so much to online marketing as it does today. A single picture you could say is worth a thousand dollars if used properly. That is if the picture is “pinned”, “repinned” and “repinned” some more. If you’re confused you’re not alone. Many online business owners have yet to realize the potential that lies with the newest picture sharing site Pinterest. You may be wondering how sharing a picture can help your business. Or you may […]

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Pinterest: Free Marketing At It’s Best

Free marketing methods are an important aspect to any online business, especially in the current economic times. Pinterest is just one such free marketing method that you should be using if you are hoping to capitalize on well, a lack of capital for marketing. Pinterest is one of the newest social media marketing sites to take the internet by storm and it really is taking the internet by storm. In the under two years the site has been around it has been rapidly grabbing the attention span […]

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Pinners, Pinning, Repinning – Understanding Common Pinterest Terminology And It’s Uses For Your Business

As with any social media marketing site being used for online business the basics always require you to understand the terminology being used and what it means. Pinterest has just become one of the top ten social media sites and thus deserves a place in your marketing arsenal. In order to do that you need to understand exactly what is meant by pinning, repinning and all the other words that have evolved as a result of Pinterest. Board – This is the place where you “pin” your […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Pinterest

pinterest for business

Every time a new social media marketing method comes out we’re told we must be apart of it. It’s going to be the next big thing and sometimes it is, other times not so much. The newest big thing your business needs to be a part of is Pinterest. Why? It’s addictive. And addictive social media sites (think Facebook games, apps and all that fun stuff) live, grow and become giants. Woman from the ages of 18-40 already know how good this site is, are in love […]

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Marketing With Pinterest

pinterest for local business

If females in their twenties and thirties are your target, then Pinterest better be in your marketing arsenal. If you’ve been anywhere online as of late you’ll already be well versed in what Pinterest is, if not, stay tuned. Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that is taking off in leaps and bounds, but it doesn’t work quite like other social bookmarking sites you may already be familiar with. Instead of using urls and articles like many other sites, Pinterest is based solely around pictures and “pinning”. […]

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