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How to Become a Freelance Journalist

freelance journalist

There are rules or qualifications for a freelance journalist: anybody can call themselves journalist. Talent is what usually makes the difference and allows those with experience and skills to stand out and succeed. In case you are at the start of your career alone, you should lend an ear to those who have more serious freelancing experience. Talking to someone who’s been in your shoes provides a serious insight in freelancing and journalism at the same time. If you have a friend in the same field of […]

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Freelance Writing Jobs

freelance writing jobs

Journalists, editors, bloggers, article writers, travelers, encyclopedia authors, translators or e-book writers could all fit into the broader definition of ‘freelance writing‘ as long as they are self-employed. With the Internet boom and the huge need for information and published materials, writing has become the main job of many people. Just as you are reading these lines, you should probably guess that I’m a professional writer who speaks from an insider’s perspective in this field of activity. In order to convert into a business, freelance writing ought […]

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Freelance Web Developer

freelance web developing

Getting started probably represents the biggest problem when you have the skills and the knowledge to build websites, yet you don’t have a portfolio of clients. Lots of people build work experience and a reputation as a freelance web developer by volunteering to build websites for others. Eventually, you will find someone who will pay you to make their site. Volunteering web development gets your name out there. You can’t ignore neither the exposure this brings you, not the fact that it gives you confidence to refer […]

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Freelance Web Design

Work experience is vital for anybody who’d like to make a living out of freelance web design. You can try it part time at first or just plunge into self-employment directly. There are unexpected issues and adjustments that freelancers may struggle with, but there are ways for new self-employees to meet the challenges. The main rule in this business is that you have to be good at what you do even if you don’t have a particular education for freelance web design. There is no licensing required […]

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Professional Freelance Video

freelance video

There are many professionals who advertise freelance video services. Videography could be quite profitable for a skilled professional with loads of experience and some courage to start up an independent business. Then, success comes through the portfolio of existent clients as well as from intensive advertising via all the media available. It’s common for couples to hire freelance video pros for weddings, christening ceremonies and all sorts of other social events that they want immortalized on tape. Clients who need freelance video services often go through friends’ […]

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Freelance Travel Writing

Freelance travel writing usually begins with small jobs, and things tend to grow from there. Needless to say that such a profession takes time, flexibility and no family life that keeps you attached to one place. That part about personal life also depends on the size of the freelance travel projects that you take over. It’s difficult to raise a family and be part of children’s life when you spend most of your days on the road. Knowing these helps you figure out if freelance travel is […]

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Freelance Publishing

freelance publishing

Freelance publishing may seem difficult for someone who is just at the beginning of their writing career. Let’s say you’ve written some articles and you want to find the right way to get them published in a magazine. The problem lies precisely in the fact that many freelance writers first write their materials and then want to sell them. You should start by sending off some queries to find out what editors are interested in seeing and buying, and then get your skills to work. In case […]

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Freelance Proofreading Business

A freelance proofreading business sounds like a great opportunity to be in charge of your career and make a living by working at home. Although proofreading may not be your dream job, it could nevertheless pay for your daily expenses, helping you make a living. No matter how simple it seems, proofreading is not a profession for anybody. Work experience, education, your initial profession, the type of literature that you read are some examples of factors that matter when it comes to getting a proofreading job. When […]

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Finding Freelance Projects

There is a huge number of freelance projects posted on the Internet, usually on intermediary freelancing platforms. Websites that allow entrepreneurs and virtual workers to engage in business relationships, charge a commission for their service. All freelance projects come with description, requirements, deadline and specific details. Freelancers decide whether a certain project meets their work profile, thus bidding on those that correspond to their work specificity. For instance, designing a website for gambling may contradict the moral beliefs of one coder, yet, such freelance projects will be […]

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