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Social Media Marketing Can Catapult Your Internet Business To Financial Success

The term social media refers to various types of online media platforms geared toward social interaction. Social media uses Internet-based and mobile technologies to transform communication into ongoing dialogues not limited by location. You can also use social media to enhance your online business. First on your list of stops should be the media giants Facebook and Twitter. Each of the sites boasts a half billion members with more joining all the time. They are two of the most-visited websites today. No marketing strategy would be complete […]

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Social Media Marketing

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Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Del.icio.us, Stumble Upon, among others, are great sources for increasing business and new leads through subtle marketing. These sites give you the opportunity to establish your brand name in front of millions of people worldwide in friendly, conversational environments. Furthermore, they are a great tool to keep in touch with your customers, establish an online reputation, and introduce your products and services to the global community in cost-effective ways. In fact, there is no initial cost to join most […]

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Timeline and Private Messages

With the impending change to Facebook for Timeline it is important to understand what this means for messaging. Previously you had posts on your page and private messaging was not allowed, but now you have options and it is a really great feature that has been added. So the decision you now face is whether you will allow private messages from your Facebook fan page followers. With the new implementation taking effect on March 31, 2012 you need to weigh your options and make your decisions very […]

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Choosing a Great Cover Photo

With all of the excitement over Facebook’s implementation of the new Timeline for Pages, it is important to understand how to get started and maximize your online business as well as traditional offline business. Everyone knows how important it is to have a great cover picture on your account, but how do you choose the best photograph to use? The first step in choosing a great cover photo is to know the rules for cover photographs for the new Timeline for Pages. The size of picture is […]

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Building Your Story With Milestones

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Facebook has created a wonderful new opportunity for you to share your business on a more personal level with their new Timeline for Pages. They have devised a system for sharing the history of your business with the assistance of milestones and photographs. By using milestones along your new Timeline, you can create a sense of telling a story. Your audience will have the opportunity to see how your business has grown and changed over time by the milestones you choose. Your first milestone will be generated […]

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Building a Brand With the New Timeline

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Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard that Facebook has released the new timeline for brands and online businesses. So if you are confused or trying to understand how you can adapt to this new format, we will try to provide some guidance on how it works. First, if you have not chosen to upgrade to the new timeline format, you will have no choice as of March 30, 2012. So since that date is just around the corner, let’s focus on the things […]

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How to Edit Your Timeline

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As the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook provides individuals all over the world with the opportunity to connect and speak with one another instantaneously. As the front runner of the social media industry, you can rest assured that the majority of individuals who use the internet for online business or whatever purposes will undoubtedly have a Facebook. Considering that Facebook is a leading social industry leader, providing new and innovative features can prove to be exponentially beneficial, thus Timeline was presented to the general […]

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Timeline and Your Business

With the introduction of Facebook’s new Timeline for Pages, you might be wondering how that will effect your business. This is a natural concern when you have been happy with your online business pages on Facebook until now. Just as your business grows and changes, so does Facebook and their ideas for showcasing your business grow and change. By adding their new Timeline for Pages, you can actually tell (and show) the story of how your business has grown and changed over time. People are naturally interested […]

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Tabs and the New Timeline

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Whether you are a business or an individual looking to promote your talents, company, and/or products, the use of Facebook can prove to be exponentially beneficial. Considering that there are millions of users who are constantly looking for new companies and products to suit your needs you will be able to tap into a gigantic resource of potential clients and/or customers. With the business pages, Facebook has provided companies and individuals with the opportunity to maximize their computing experience. Timeline is a brand new layout that Facebook […]

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