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Typical Misrepresentations Used in MLM Recruitment

Law enforcement agencies seldom require honest and understandable disclosure of essential information to MLM prospects. I have examined the compensation plans of over 400 MLMs and found that virtually all hide the near-zero odds of making a profit, and in fact almost certain loss after subtracting minimal operating expenses and purchases of products necessary to qualify for commissions and advancement. WARNING: If you are investigating MLM, and you read this page with an open mind, you likely will not be able to look at MLM as a credible […]

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Be Wary of Multilevel Marketing

Millions of people are selling health products as “independent distributors.” Product lines typically include vitamin supplements, weight loss formulas, fiber-containing snack bars, and/or herbal remedies. The National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) has received so many inquiries about such products that it has developed some general caveats. Consumers Beware: Products sold in this fashion must be overpriced to finance the greedy profits promised to distributors. Vitamins, weight loss formulas, and fiber supplements are ordinary items readily available in retail stores. Exaggerated claims are generally needed to justify […]

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The 10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing

The multi-level marketing (MLM) field grows and its member companies multiply. Solicitations to join the movement seem to be everywhere. The impression accordingly grows that it is indeed the “wave of the future“, a business model that is gaining momentum, growing in acceptance and legitimacy and, as its promoters claim, will eventually replace most other forms of marketing and sales. Many are led to believe the assertions that success can be found by anyone who faithfully believes in the system and steadfastly adheres to its methods and […]

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