Stop Promoting Highprofits Products

This is not another fake scam review about Highprofits dot com. At first, it was a very good affiliate program that continues to pay its affiliates regularly through Paypal. The money I earned from this program helped me establish a few money making websites and pay my bills.

However, I have to stop promoting Highprofits’ Internet Marketing Products because it seems to me that they stop paying commissions earned by their affiliates. As I said earlier it was a great and high paying affiliate program especially during its first year.

I just can’t help but wonder why the affiliate site begins to fail in paying its little affiliates (like me) since it was bought and managed by a certain Chris Cobb who owns a certain program he calls it AIS System.

The products are 123 Cash Formula, 123 Cash Surveys, Cash4Writing, CashSurveyWizard, CloneCashSystem, Easy Cash Blogging, Genuine Income Streams, Making You Richer, Members Make Money, OOZit, Twitter Cash Formula, Underground Affiliate Secrets, and Income Elite.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it’s a very small amount of money but if they can’t pay it I can’t help but wonder if they can pay those other affiliates with hundred or even thousand dollars in commissions.

I tried to email the “support department” about this little issue twice. On my first email, I got a prompt reply saying, “I will look into this and get back to you as soon as I can” but I received no action. After a month I sent a second email and no reply until today.

Oh well… I don’t know how you want to call this kind of affiliate programs. As for me I need to look for other opportunities. If it doesn’t pay commissions due to its affiliates why keep on promoting it?


  • Cameron Scappaticci

    I surely have ended up inside of promoting and advertising for a many years but my associate continues telling all of us that all of us should really consider (blank) voice broadcasting in the role of a good technique to help bring in sales opportunities. I just simply believe this tough to acknowledge that it realistically actually works. Everytime I personally get one of these phone calls I undoubtedly hang up the phone instantly yet he boasts just that it provides a surprisingly economical method to crank out qualified prospects. I i’m nonetheless on the fence but I realize that the other tactics our company is implementing tend to be simply turning out to be more (blank) expensive.

  • Robin Bagwell

    Well, I am starting t have the same problems with chris cobb and his offers and him paying, He shows himself as someone who is legit and makes millions, But I am owed a lil amount of $134.00 and instead of paying he wants to talk about my conversion rate at 100% so instead of paying he brings out the fraud factor. I just think he doesnt want to pay and finds excuses not to. For someone who makes the amount he claims to make, shouldnt he pay those whom help him make his money?????????? this is what I think, I will be reporting him to the better business bureau and I say those people in the united states should not deal with him what so ever. As I now believe he is a FRAUD