Still Here… After All These Years

It’s refreshing but at the same time gut wrenching to remember all those past years that I was desperately trying to make money online. I started this blog in the early months of 2008 hoping to earn badly needed income as I was so broke during that time.

Unfortunately, being a beginner that I was and having no mentor to actually teach me on what not to do and what to do, I ended up earning almost nothing but a dime. Someone should have told me not to start a blog about making money online because I really didn’t know how to make money online back then.

Browsing my very first posts on this site makes me cringe and feel some kind of shame. It was a crazy endeavor back then for a beginner like me. The later posts are honestly articles that were acquired from ghostwriters. It was a vain attempt to cover my bad tracks… 🙂

Needless to say, I failed at that time. But I’m still here after all these years.

And I’m finally making a good income online.

Decent Internet Income

The good thing is that that all the lessons learned from those mistakes enabled me to start in another niche where I can say I really excelled and finally started earning a decent monthly income. That was in later months of 2011.

It was a very humbling experience. I really thank God for all those failures and for the answered prayers.