Blogging Success 101: Is Blogging Only for Good Writers?

Is it necessary to be a very good writer when starting a blog? Do we need to be damn right with all those grammar rules? Do we need to be overly meticulous over the right words to use? Do we need to be super-obsessed over tiny details?

I usually come across lots of blogs with considerably poor use of grammar and lots of spelling errors. But the twist in here is that if you patiently read the whole post you’ll see that they have great ideas in it. They have unique thoughts that sometimes can’t be found in popular blogs.

Many successful bloggers were not really good writers when they were starting. They are the brave people. Despite their limited writing skills they stand to shout what they thought and feel. They have unique personalities. They have fighting spirits that sets them apart from experienced and trained writers.

Take for example Mr. Selaplana’s blog. When he was starting he struggled with his use of words and grammar. He ended up being criticized and even called as a “dumb blogger” by lots of his blog visitors. But that didn’t discourage him. He accepted that ridicule and goes on blogging. He’s now actually one of the most successful bloggers in the Philippines giving advice to starting new bloggers also.

I myself am struggling to write coherently. I often spend several hours weaving the right words into an easy to read and understand sentence. I have little problems with grammar but my greatest obstacle is my limited vocabulary skills. This is why I kept on consulting my “library-sized” Webster dictionary every time I write a post.

English is a second language to me but it was one of my favorite subjects in college. It’s sad to say that my little skill degenerated into rust when I worked for 6 years as a machine operator in a non-English speaking country. Another four years was squandered somewhere else. Yay, the idleness of those years are hunting me now.

Oh, uh.. I’m rambling here again. Okay back to the topic.

Sure, good or even perfect writing can bring great impact on your long term blogging success. However, our imperfect writing should not be the reason that will hinder us and hesitate to start and continue blogging. It should not be an excuse not to take action and become successful on our online quest.

We shouldn’t be afraid of being ridiculed or look down upon just because our writing skill isn’t that good. Don’t fret over those who can write superbly. In most cases that’s their passion. It’s their job for years. They were trained for it. Just try to learn from them, how they build their sentence and how they use particular words.

Sometimes we try to meticulously check all our spelling, grammar and word usage. We try to make everything perfect. But nobody is perfect.

Perfectionism can hinder you from achieving your success online. Derek Ghel, a respected marketing guru, said: “Perfectionism can be the worst enemy of progress, and you don’t always need to be perfect. We should not waste a lot of time obsessing over tiny details that, in the long run, may not be important.”

To sum it up, having a good writing skill is essential especially for long term success online but that should not frustrate you from starting a blog and maintaining it. As long as you come across your point, as long as you can freely express your feelings and ideas, then that can be a good start.

You’ll eventually learn as you go. The key here is to keep on reading and learning from well-written and successful blogs. The time will come when your writing skills will improve as your blog progresses and grows.


  • jjmomscashblog

    Dear Freezine, What a great post and very inspirational as a beginner blogger from April , my first post was bombarded with criticism and several people saying I had the writings of a 5th grader! I did ramble on and on. My first post I did have several mistakes. That next morning I was sick to my stomach and could have very easily have quit! I didn’t, after a little meditation and telling myself and others that I would be damn if any ONE person would make me quit. My next post was a little better and now each one is better and better, and I have kept my ratings up where they were in the beginning. So I would like to also add to anyone new to blogging I would say persevere … and you will get better…

  • Vikki

    Amen to that! This post is very encouraging. 🙂 Thanks for sharing about this fellow blogger. Like what I told him (posted a comment for him), this goes to show that he’s not dumb after all! 🙂

  • Jomari

    I guess criticism could either make you or break you. I’m struggling to be a good writer too just like many of us here. It’s funny when I write my posts I always have my MS Word opened, so when I’m repeating too many words I use the Thesaurus feature of MS Word. Also, I think it would greatly help to read more books to widen our vocab and writing skills as well.

    Btw, kudos to this great post.

  • 10000$ blogger

    Great article! I stopped to read it … and enjoyed it. We are not born writers (except 1% of us)… we need to learn. I believe you need experience and willingness to improve….
    I always think that good bloggers/writers, they are my competion… competion makes us stronger!

    Good luck to everyone! Give us more posts like this!

  • Hi JJ… I did read those comments when you wrote your first post and I understand what you felt.. you actually improved a lot and I’m learning many things from your posts especially from the one you wrote about “Your Brain Has The Best SEO Available to You”

    Vikki… Yes, he’s not dumb after all, he’s actually SMART.

  • freezine

    @ Jomari, yes criticism is good for our own growth if we take it the good way..

  • Joy

    Great post indeed and I love the reality of it. I myself will admit that I’m not a good writer too but I really love to write. We have the right to learn and that from our mistakes. There are dumb bloggers who asked for my help to correct their posting because they are willing and specially to earn so I don’t judge them of course. As in they don’t know how to put spacing every after a period and even don’t capitalize the letter I in writing “I know”
    Just dropping in 🙂

  • Paul - Make Money Life

    Great post. I think a lot of aspects behind good grammatical (<– god bless spell check) writing have to do more with credibility. In some case I feel people may discount someone’s ideas before giving them a chance to be heard.

    The great thing about blogs, are the many ways to build credibility by being an expert on something or producing really great content. Your example of the “dumb blogger” highlights this concept perfectly. Interesting post man, I like commentary just as much as a good “how to” anyday.

  • freezine

    @ 10000$ blogger, that’s the beauty of blogs we learn to write better and better as we go… And oh, did you receive your $10 for posting about Pepperjam?

    Joy, Lol.. I think it would be an uphill climb if they have to start to learn from the basics of proper spacing and capitalization of words…

    Paul, thanks for the insightful comment.. I visited your blog and you have inspiring articles which are well written and easy to read. I really enjoyed reading them… man, your blog’s a great reference for people starting to make money online through blogging, like me :-).

  • Excellent article and well said. I believe a few typos here and there only show that a real person sites behind the keyboard.

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