Some Ugly Facts About Make Money Blogging

So you wanna make easy money from blogging? You may have heard those overrated hypes that it’s super easy to make cash on the internet by blogging. You have been told to just set up a blog, write tons and tons of interesting high quality posts around your passion and the money will come. For beginners you should know that this is more of a myth than a reality.

Of course, if you’ve been around the internet marketing for quiet some time it should be obvious to you by now that this is an outright lie. Making EASY money from blogs is an overrated statement. It’s an outright lie perpetuated by internet marketers who’s only purpose is to sell make money blogging ebooks to internet marketing beginners.

The fact is – you can blog yourself to death but still you may not make at least $100 dollar a month especially IF you don’t know how to market your blog.

You can blog all day, write regular contents, or even blog yourself to the grave but still you can’t make considerable income IF you don’t know how to drive targeted traffic to your cash blog.

If you want to make money by blogging you must learn at least the basics of marketing your blog and getting targeted visitors or traffic who will readily buy affiliate products you offer or click on your ads.

But before everything else, do you really want to earn money by being a blogger? If you say yes then you should consider some of the following facts about blogging for money.

  1. You should least know how to set up a simple blog such as registering one at Althought it’s not a great requirement, you should understand the little technical operations that come with it.
  2. You should at least know how to operate a computer and protect it from online intruders (viruses and trojans).
  3. If you really want to make cash by blogging, you should at least have a little understanding of how to write online articles. I should note here that there is difference between writing articles for traditional publications such as newspapers or magazines and wiritng articles for the web.If you don’t have an inkling about article writing for the web then the solution is that you can hire someone to write for you or you can buy those PLR article rewrite them.

    You can actually use some PLR articles to provide content for your blog provided you updtate the information or rewrite them in a way that it conforms to the current situation. The only drawback to this solution is that you need some money investments to hire for ghostwriters or buy PLR articles.

  4. You should understand a little concept about marketing. Without marketing your blog it would be as good as a rusting car in the garage. As we have mentioned earlier on this post, you can blog yourself sunrise to sunset or from birth to death but still you may not make big money IF you don’t market it. You need to let the whole world know that you a have a blog.  You must make your blog easy for internet searchers to find it on the search engines.
  5. You should take action. So many make money blogging wannabes hop from blog to blog or buy lots of make money programs and products in the hope of finding the secret of making easy money online.Although there really a lot of good internet marketers out there who really teach noobs on how to make money on the internet, most of the people who come and read their blogs are not actually applying and taking into action what they read and learn.

    And although there are a lot of good informational products out there, for instance an ebook about money making, most people who buy them will never ever finished reading the whole ebook. Much less, most people will fail to apply the concept presented on that make money ebook.

Marketing Your Blog

kim chiu - make money blogging modelWell, I understand many of us want to make money online for free. Many of us want to market our blog without having to spend a lot of money. And I guess that’s what many folks are searching in the search engines.

So how do you market your blog? There are many ways to do that. Below we will just have a little peek into some free traffic generation techniques.

Basically, there are two main source of free traffic. The first one is social networking and the second one is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Driving traffic via social networking involves promoting your blog through Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, Entrecard, Mybloglog, Blogcatalog, etc. This also include what most so-called traffic “gurus” preach which are visiting other blogs and leaving a comment, joining forums and leaving your sig, joining social communities, ass kissing A-list bloggers, and many other time consuming advises.

Social networking may bring boatloads of visitors to your site. However, my experience tell me that the traffic generated throught this method is not really a good moneymaker. Few people will click on your ads. Moreover, very few people will buy your products or affiliate offers.

On the other hand, driving traffic using SEO techniques involves optimizing your blog for search engines and gathering backlinks to it. You have to optimize it so that your blog will rank higher in the search engines thereby increasin its visibility and findability. In effect you will be getting more regular visitors from the search engines.

Visitiors that come from the search engines are proven by many internet marketers as a good moneymaker. I myself have experienced that I get more Adsense clicks from people who find my site through the search machines.

Building backlinks for your blog has many methods. This includes submitting your blog to site directories, article marketing, link exchanging with other bloggers and site owners, and many other ways which I don’t care to use anyway.

So what’s the best SEO techniques? What are the best ways to build backlinks to my site? These are questions you maybe asking in your head right now. But these things are topics that needs a lot of discussion. For a dork like me who can’t convey very well what is running on my mind it would take me hours to elaborate the answer to this questions.

The best hint I can give you is that this post you are reading right now is something that I try to optimize for keywords such as make money blogging or earn money from blogging and other money making craps.


In conclusion, making money on the internet by being a blogger can be a hard task for most beginners. But the good news is that we can make money online USING blogs. And that’s what I do, I make money online making use of blogs.


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    Nice info but I notice you have pretty pictures of pinay celebrities on your post. Anyway thanks again for this informative post.

  • Sue

    Great blog! I really identify with what you are saying. I am writing a blog, trying to get into it full time.

    It is tough work, slogging. It is easy to get discouraged, but I am determined to get there. Thanks for the great tips and pointers.

    I was feeling badly over the quandry of content versus marketing, but from what you are saying here, I’m at least getting a healthy dose of marketing done.

    Makes me think of one of the articles I wrote recently. Again, thanks for the encouragement. I’m going to bookmark your site for when I get bogged down in discouragement.