Social Networks that Pay

You get paid to meet new friends and socialize. Really exciting but I have to remind you that you cannot make big money here unless you are that lucky early bird. The best way to take advantage of these sites is to see it as a way to generate traffic to your site or money making blog. If you have some spare time then just check this paying social networks sites.

Rotatrixfriends. Upon signing up you will be met by friendly staffs with their welcome messages and greetings. Most active members there belong to the older generation and many of them are business owners, internet marketers, home based entrepreneurs, and affiliate marketers. You should not be surprised to see flying affiliate marketing banners all around. Aside from regular contests that will help you earn more points, you are allowed to place your own Google adsense code or any other ad networks such as Bidvertiser on your own profile.

Yuwie. This is probably one of the most popular paying network sites with over 560,000 members as of this writing. I will not go into details here about the payment schemes but you can earn about $0.05 per 1000 profile views.

Gizter. This is one of the newest social networking sites that pay its members. Most of it’s members, in contrast with Rotatrixfriends, belong to the younger generation. You will surely find cute and beautiful faces there but don’t be surprised if you’ll encounter some sort of sexy exhibitionists who freely post supposedly adult images.

Zenzuu.Still in it’s beta stage and is said to be launching on August. You will surely meet another group of people there. I was surprised when I received messages that are written in French language. Maybe the fellow thought I was French too because of my public name. Zenzuu promises you to make money by signing up your friends and receive revenue sharing but what makes me cautious about it is its MLM structure.

Update March 2012: All of the above so-called “paying social network sites” has long been forgotten in my records. Since all these craps has long been 4 years ago, I don’t really know what happened to the above sites. I stop doing all these nonsense since I have moved on into a more realistic money making ventures online.