So You Want To Make Damn Money Now

I was just simply checking my traffic stats on all the websites I’m maintaining when I noticed that this site is somewhat getting off the ground again (as far as search traffic is concerned). This site has been getting over a hundred visits a day for make money online related keywords. Sure it’s a relatively small traffic considering that this niche produces a lot of searches on the net. But what really matters to me is that this kind of traffic really converts giving me more sales on affiliate products which are promoted here indirectly.

Okay so for the first time after several months of little activity on this make money blog, I checked what keywords are bringing this folks to this blog. And what really amuses me is a phrase that which goes exactly like this, “i want to make so damn money now”.

Real Writing Jobs OnlineI remember when I was still starting to try to earn a really needed cash online. And I really feel what this fellow maybe going through because at that time all that was in my mind is to make that damn money using the internet. I just needed quick cash to pay-off some debts and feed myself.

Well, making money online is not really that fast and easy if you don’t have the right knowledge. Much less if you don’t have yet any idea what Adsense is all about. Or what a blog looks like, or what traffic means, or what affiliate marketing means.

Making money on the internet sounds so easy especially when you are bombarded with those exaggerated claims and hypes of earning easy money online. In the same way, earning money from blogging can be more frustrating if you were not given the proper knowledge and training on how to market it.

Although there are so many ways to which you can earn some quick bucks online, the first thing you should learn is how to market whatever money making program you are in.

You see, I could easily point you to some sites to earn that damn money but the end result of it is you will not make any damn penny if you don’t even how to promote it.

Let’s say you are looking for a program to which you can make money online for free, because you don’t have the initial money to invest, I may suggest you go and join PTC programs.  These are free penny making programs and the only requirement is that you should allocate more that three hours per day in order to make a single dime.

Now if you want to make decent income with this kind of programs you should at least know how to promote your affiliate link and invite other make money online beginners to join you. You are actually paid more dimes by doing this. In short, getting more recruits or referrals is where the money is with this kind of money making program.

Of course there are many other free programs to which you can join. If you are good at writing then you might want to join websites that pay you to write.

You may also want to make extra money by completing paid surveys. You can find a lot of sites paying people to answer a simple survey. Just search Google and you will find a lot of them there. But as I always say  be careful because there are a lot of scams in this kind of industry. The same with PTC programs. If you have the time go and read my post about “The Disadvantages of PTC as Money Making Programs”.

You may also want to make money online with adsense. If you are still wondering what is adsense then go and download an easy to understand ebook about this topic from this post, “Getting Started With Adsense“. You will learn how to get started how to start making money with it. It’s a perfect resource for adsense beginners.

If you want to learn how to make money selling on ebay you may go and download a free ebay guide here.

If you want to learn how to make money writing then go and learn some tips at an article “How To Make Money Writing Online”.

For folks who are searching on how to make money with paid memberships sites and have the money to invest go and read this article called “How To Make Money Online With Paid Membership Sites”.

Lastly, here is an online business model that I am into right now. This is where I earned my first income online. Money earned from this was reinvested into other online business that I know would bring more income in the future. That’s how the businessmen in the real world make money.

Affiliate marketing one of the easiest ways to make money online since you don’t need to have a product in order to start. As compared to other methods you don’t need to create a website although it can be needed if you really want to make a living online doing affiliate marketing.

Off course, if you’re just in for the quick money then simply get your affiliate link and promote it here and there’re. You might generate some bucks doing it.

Making money with affiliate marketing is free but if you want to make serious income then you might consider investing on some marketing tools and resources that will help you boost your affiliate commissions. There a lot of make money online softwares being sold online.

It’s called affiliate marketing. You can have a quick info about this business model from this post titled, “Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing”.

There are literally hundreds of ways to earn money on the web. It ranges from simply placing your links on Google to creating a lot of niche sites.  There even are those money making methods where you need to downgrade your moral standards just so you would earn that damn money now.

Well, before we go too far and leave you here more confused about why you don’t find in this article about how to really make that damn money right now, we can be talking more about earning a decent income and not merely a buck on my future post.

So stay tuned.


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    I think money online are great way to but dont rely on this stuff, scam are everywhere…