Simple Facebook Marketing Tip

Trying to make money online using Facebook? There’s nothing wrong in attempting to earn some bucks using the biggest social network on the internet. Of course, we all wish to take advantage of every opportunity to earn needed cash online. There are, however, some ethical matters we should take into consideration especially when making friends through social networking sites with the intent of making quick cash off them by promoting or offering your affiliate products or any other business opportunities.

You may go on and make friends with as many people as you want, but if possible avoid spamming your Facebook friends’ walls with every kind of online money making opportunity offers. It could be very annoying and makes some else’s Facebook wall looks like an advertising wall. Of course, you have all the liberty to spam your own wall as long as you wish if that’s what you think is ethical internet marketing.

On the other hand, it is not that bad to post offers on their walls once in a while but posting too often will surely get them annoyed. This is especially true the product or service you offer is not related to their interest. If you keep posting unwanted stuff on their wall they maybe annoyed and eventually remove you from their friends list. You may also earn a bad impression from them.

Worse, them may even report you as spam.

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