Should You Quit Your Day Job?

Should you quit your day job to pursue an online business? Having an internet business and simply working from home seems to be a very promising venture that each of us may have dreamed of.

While it is possible to start an online business while you are still at your day job, many believe that if they quit it they have more time for their home business and they will probably succeed.

The decision to quit your job is an impending dilemma to many wannabe internet marketers. It’s a common question in our minds that most of us want to have the right answer.

And the common and conservative advice to that would be: keep your jobs as long as possible. Quit only if your online business starts to earn enough income that would suffice your daily needs.

At first glance that can be the safest move. On the other way, we can be missing greater opportunities that may awaits us. Well, with my limited knowledge and experience I can’t go further from this point.

But what does a professional marketer has to say with this question?

His answer is: “Yes, quit your day job! BUT not yet.” Let me redirect you to a professional advice by a real life internet marketer.

Click here to watch Eric Holmund’s video discussion about this topic. You’ll like this.