Seven Reasons Why I Quit MLM

BrokeI was never a fan of multi-level marketing (MLM) business. How I was enticed to be involved in this industry is by a mere consequence of unfortunate events. Sometimes when you are in the woes of unexpected financial devastation you will do everything just to earn badly needed money. Being financially broke is a heavy blow to the ass.

That led me into joining every local MLM companies that come my way in a desperate attempt to get out of my financial woes. Unfortunately and as is often the case, most MLM business model demands more money, time, and effort than what you will actually earn. Here are my observations that made me quit the MLM business:

You tend to see your relatives and friends as opportunities.
Everybody is your prospect. You see your father, your brother, your neighbors, and your friends as prospects. And maybe even your cats and dogs if only they can talk and sell. And when your MLM fails, you lose your face and integrity. Glad I didn’t involve my friends and relatives.

You must learn to talk with hypes.
As with my own observations, you can rarely convert a prospect without saying so much hypes. You need to mix your presentations with some lies and seemingly true promises in order to convince them quickly.

MLM products are overpriced. This is far from the original multilevel marketing concept that products marketed through direct marketing, supposedly bypassing various levels of middlemen, should be much cheaper. Most are actually much more expensive than its counterparts being sold in the local market.

Most MLM companies have short life-spans. Just imagine the pains and sacrifices of creating your downlines and when harvest day comes your company declares bankruptcy or suddenly changes the marketing plan in disfavor of you.

Attrition is high. With lots of new MLM companies being launched almost every month, most of your downlines are easily enticed with newer opportunities. They tend to grab new offers and readily jump into any seemingly more lucrative MLM offers.

Only few people are successful with MLM. Top MLM earners are actually those that are already positioned at the top of the business hierarchy. The greater masses at the lower positions will have to struggle to build their own pyramid of downlines in order to earn money or at least recoup their investments.

Guilt and responsibility. I always feel obligated to make sure that the people I personally brought into the business will make money as promised in the compensation plan or at least gain back what they have invested.

Above all those seven reasons, multilevel marketing business is not for me and I can say it’s not for everybody as well.