Search Engine Optimization Tools - Learn From SEO Experts. Become an Expert.If you are serious about your online business website then you surely want to grab the top search engine rankings. You know that you can get tons of traffic and more importantly sales when you are in the top ten position of every search engine pages.

Of course, the first steps are simple and easy. Just get your website listed with the major search engines and maybe people will find it and the flood gates open for customers and clients to come rushing in.

But if it were as simple as that, why aren’t more people coming to your sites to purchase your products and services? The fact is its how search engine results are displayed when someone searches for what you offer and this is what many internet marketers are trying to figure out.

This is where you will need thorough SEO education, tools, and resources that you can apply for the success of your online business site.

SEO Company

If you are looking for the best tools and techniques to improve your rankings you can join hundreds of other Search Professionals at SEOmoz. SEOmoz offers professional, step-by-step guides that will teach you all the tricks and tactics necessary to improve your site’s traffic. This established SEO Company provides its PRO Members exclusive access to SEO Tools, Tips and Premium Instructional Guides that are invaluable to anyone trying to learn the secrets of achieving top rankings.


SEOmoz offers some freebie tools for your basic SEO needs.

  • Strongest Pages on a Domain – allows you to see what the strongest page or post on your site or blog.
  • Who Else is Hosted on My IP – See what other websites are hosted on your IP address.
  • Check Inclusion – Shows you whether your URL has been indexed by Google, Yahoo! & MSN.
  • Backlink Checker – Reports the number of backlinks to a URL, also shows a historical view of previous backlinks.
  • Outbound Link Checker – This tool reports what external pages your domain is linking to.
  • Check PageRank – Reports the PageRank of a URL and shows a historical view of previous PR scores.
  • Find Domain Age – Find the age of your domain and when it was first spidered by the search engines.
  • Check HTTP Status Code – 301? 302? Find out what HTTP status code a website is producing.
  • Check Indexed Pages – This SEO Tool looks at the three major search engines and reports back how many pages you appear to have indexed.

Advanced SEO Tools

The following are the advance tools that SEOmoz offer:

  • Trifecta – Measures metrics to estimate the relative popularity and importance of Page, Blog or Domain.
  • Term Target – Helps determine how targeted a particular page is for a specified keyword by analyzing a variety of factors.
  • Backlink Anchor Text Analysis – Get an advanced look at what keywords websites are linking to you with.
  • Popular Searches – This tool aggregates and archives popular searches from various sources.
  • Juicy Link Finder – The Juicy Link Finder is intended to find links that have authority – old domains with a high PageRank that rank well for the keyword you enter.
  • Rank Checker – Check, track, and monitor your rankings at all the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and
  • Term Extractor – The term extractor tool analyzes the content of a given page and extracts the terms that appear to be targeted at search engines.
  • Crawl Test – This tool helps quickly diagnose search engine crawling issues on your website – it examines title tags, http response codes, cache dates and presence in the search engine indexes.
  • GeoTargeting Detection – Discover how well your website is targeted to country specific search engines.
  • Keyword Difficulty – Used to analyze the competitive landscape of a particular keyword, this tool issues a percentage score and provides a detailed analysis of the top ranking sites at Google and Yahoo.

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    Great topic & it has covered several points regarding
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