Scour: Search Engine that Pays?

If you spent lots of time searching the internet, would it be nice if you were given the benefit of earning incentives or getting paid at the same time? Scour is another kid in town that promises to give you a $25 Visa credit card as gift just to do this.

Well, you might be wary with this as many of us had faced this kind of systems that sucks us of our time in the past.

Scour seems to be just another get-paid-to-search engine I just heard of. It’s also called a social search engine because users were given the ability to connect and interact with each other.

Is it a scam?

Scour seems so new that no one in the forums is claiming to have been paid yet. I haven’t seen lots of reviews on the blogosphere and I can’t find anybody showing a proof of payment. Anyway, I just sign up for the purpose of this review. (And to catch some traffic from it if get indexed by the search engines *wink*)

Rewards and Benefits

Instead of paying you pennies for the search you do, you are rewarded with points. Once you complete 6,500 points you can redeem it for a $25 gift Visa credit card.

You can choose to accumulate it until 12,500 point and get $50 Visa Card or wait until 25,000 points to get a $100 Gift Visa credit card.

How to earn points

  • Sign up and you’ll earn up to 150 points bonus including downloading the toolbar (but not necessarily installing it).
  • Search using Scour and earn 1 point; 2 points for every vote and 3 points for each comment you leave but you can only earn up to 4 points per search through any combination of actions.
  • Invite your friends and earn 25% of the points they make.

How It Works

Visit the interactive demo (opens in another tab) and look for the “How it Works” link at the top right part of the page.


Scour is a pretty much a fun program to spend your spare time especially if you’re addicted to searching the internet. It is well designed, user-friendly and loads fast.

It gives you the combined TOP ten results (not all results) from the three main search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you want to see the complete search results for each engine just click the particular engine’s thumbnail (opens in another tab) located at the far right of every search list.

As you can see you can have fun voting, commenting and recommending the search results too. This will make the Scour search result more relevant if lots of people will do the same. Cool huh!

Well, this engine certainly is not suitable for serious and extensive professional research works. It actually yields very limited results. The fact that it is dependent on the three giant search machines and that it gathers only the top listings from them makes it more unreliable.

Remember that the top listings on Google, for instance, are not necessarily the most relevant results. You have to dig on deeper pages to find exactly what you’re looking for.

But if you’re just having fun then there’s nothing to lose by using this new toy. You can forget about the rewards so long as you enjoy using the search engine itself.

Friendly reminder
Avoid spamming your email contacts.

To be safe I suggest choosing the “skip” option (just below the fetch button) during your sign up process if you don’t know exactly how to use the “invite your friends” option. The “invite your friends” system will automatically send email invites to your entire email list by default.

It’s better to avoid the possibility of making your email contacts/friends hate you for thinking you are spamming them. You can send your invitations to them later, anyway.


  • internet4money

    it is remind me about agloco thing…
    hope this time is not a scam…

  • Beau71

    I sure hope this isn’t a scam because I have accumulated over 2,000 credits so far.

    I was going to write a post on it after I could confirm it’s legitimacy

  • revenue

    yup i have try this new kind SE , it has it’s own toolbar and everytime we do searching in the toolbar we got a point. and this pont can convert to cash i think ? thanks for visit me 🙂

  • alanaholt

    Look at it from a logical view…..they pay you to search they earn adv $ from ads that they need a wide audience to view that is you + me and everyone else. Paying to build that audience is simply good biz in my opinion.