Save Money – SEO Lessons

Due to ever increasing interest rates you may find yourself struggling to keep up with your mortgage or home loan repayments. Maybe you can still pay it but…

Update: May 29, 2009.  That sentence above is the only portion I salvaged from Google’s record of the original content of this post.

Another post that shouldn’t have been deleted. Why? Read it here.

This post was one of my attempts to enter the paid blogging opportunities but I managed to got only 2 assignments (yeah only two for almost 8 months, how dumb)  since most (stupid) buyers at that time tend to give more favor to those bloggers who have higher PR, and I was only a big fat zero.

See how hard and disastrous to be misguided by other beginners trying to teach other beginners. Whoa, how many people did I misguided too. Lessons learned.

Okay, I’m still a dumb blogger maybe but I was dumber that time. I was  chasing a few bucks from dumb link buyers. Needless to say, as frustrated as a turned down lover, I stopped trying to get some paid blogging assignments. I already deleted most of my accounts from those sites.

Lesson: When you’re hunting for links, don’t concentrate only on getting from those with high PR, although it is good when you want to immediately boost your SERPs and even PageRank.

Try obtaining some (or shall I say as many) links from new but legitimate blogs or sites. You know they’re good sites if they are well indexed.

You’ll never knew when they will one day rose to power, uh, I mean you’ll never know when the time comes when they learn how to do proper SEO and finally become an authority site.

Um, is that another jargon? I can’t explain it well.

Dang, I always believe this make money online business blog will join those big guys at the city square.