A Quick Look Into Search Engine Marketing

When you’re running an affiliate website one of the most important part of it is understanding how people find your site. The next thing you want to do is how to make your site stick out among the billion or so other sites on the web.

Perhaps you’ve been told so many times that the best way to let your site be found is trough the search engines. If you’re a regular internet user, I’m sure you know what a search engine is. Websites like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.com are the top multi-billion dollar search engine corporations.

Search engine marketing seems so simple. You just go to sites like Google, type in what you want to find and click enter. But how can you make sure that your site will be found?

It’s all about the keywords.

When a site like Google or Yahoo searches the internet to come up with results from a web query, it takes the number of keywords on a site into consideration. It also takes particular keywords or phrases into account.

If someone is doing a search for “make money online,” sites that have that phrase or phrases similar to it are going to come up and are displayed on the search results. That’s why its so important to incorporate keyword text into your web content so that when someone does a search, for example, “Nata de Coco from the Philippines” and that just happens to be what your site sells, your site comes up high on the list, not buried on the bottom.

The trick is to incorporate the keywords or keyword phrases into your web content. While you intend to write content that attracts the search engines, it should make sense to your readers also.

Don’t forget that your content is a huge part of your site. If people don’t stay on your site for a minute or two reading your content, it’s unlikely they will click on any links you have and buy any products you’re selling. You must find the balance between a heavy use of keywords and well-written text.

A big part of affiliate marketing is learning how to use the search engines. You can have the best content, the timeliest links and the best product in the world but you won’t have a taste of business unless people can find your site. It may seem tough learning the art of incorporating keyword text into your affiliate website, but it’s the difference between making a few bucks here and there and making it big in affiliate marketing.


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