Proven Ways To Make Money On The Internet

If you’re one of those seeking to make money on the internet, I guess you should be fortunate enough to know that the internet offers amazingly hundreds of ways in which you can do it.

In this article, I will share with you some of the more popular systems that successful online moneymakers are using in order to produce an additional income through the internet.

Build Your Own Website

If for some reason you haven’t heard of yet (and I doubt you didn’t), there is actually thousands of dollars to be earned just by building and maintaining a simple business website.

With the advance of internet technology, it’s not already necessary to have any special programming mastery or expert knowledge in order to build a website.

Anyone with average intelligence can effortlessly set up a simple site using some of the more popular blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress. With these easy to use website platforms, all the HTML or PHP coding and programming jobs are already done for you.

If you do need to start quickly and make money online now but have very limited knowledge about all the systems involved then you will need some comprehensive guide on how to turn a new blog into a cash making machine.

Just head on to and learn quickly how to set up your profitable blog quickly and easily. You also learn there how to promote and market your site effectively.

How to make money with your site.
You can make money online with a site or blog by promoting your own products or services.

If you don’t have a product you can earn from pay per click (PPC) advertising networks such as Google’s Adsense program.

Google provides relevant advertisements that you can place on your blog or website and earn for every click made on the ads.

Pre-made Websites.
There are internet marketers who offer pre-made niche websites at an amazingly very low price. All you have to do is buy a domain name for it and then upload it on your own web host.

If you don’t have a web host yet then I recommend getting one from either An Hosting (where this blog is hosted) or Hostgator where my other business sites are hosted.

One way to make money with pre-made websites, for example pre-made weight loss sites (one of the hottest niche), is to drive a regular flow of traffic by getting free one way links and getting it rank on the first pages. Once regular traffic is achieved, you can then sell it for a higher price.

If while during the course of driving traffic to that site, you start making decent money from the integrated adsense and Clickbank ads then there might be no point selling it.

Selling Ad Space.
One other way to earn cash with your own site is by selling private advertisement space. You sell direct advertisements to other webmasters, bloggers, or marketers without the intervention of any third party such as ad brokers or ad companies and you earn 100% of the revenue.

An easy to use software that automatically manage your ad space is the OIO Publisher. It’s a WordPress Plug-in actually and is probably one of the most use ad management software by WP bloggers because of its ease of use, full support, constantly updated to suit the changing internet technology, and affordability.

Promote or Sell Other People’s Products and Services

This is popularly called as affiliate marketing. This is perhaps one of the most convenient ways to make money online. You don’t need any product of your own here. You just display or promote someone else’s products or services on your site and when someone makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Commission rates is normally set at 30-60% but can go to is as high as 75% (and even up 100%) in some affiliate websites and networks. One of the advantages of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to set up a website in order to make money online selling affiliate goods.

It is somewhat easy to look for affiliate products to promote because almost every online entity that has a product to sell has their own affiliate program system. All you have to do is locate the affiliate page on their website and sign up.

Most affiliate programs are free and never ask for fees for you to join. Be careful when an affiliate program asks for a joining fee before accepting your application. Check first what the fees are for.

The most prominent and trusted affiliate networks are Clickbank, Commission Junction, PayDotCom, and Amazon.

Here are some niche specific affiliate programs:
Moreniche: A high paying niche specific affiliate website that features weight loss, adult-related products, and also casino or poker related niches.

High Profits: A high paying affiliate network that focuses mostly on money making programs. This is a very relevant affiliate program for the make money online niche.

Revresponse. A site that lets you offer free magazine subscriptions to your readers. You get paid from $1 up to $25 per lead (verified subscription).

Paid Online Surveys

proven ways to make moneyAlthough it is relatively hard on my location to get into legitimate paid surveys online, this is perhaps one of the most popular methods of making extra money on the internet.

I referred to it as “extra” because one will not actually get wealthy by just answering paid surveys. If you choose this method to earn some cash, just find a program that will reward you to take surveys.

Most legitimate paid survey programs are free to join. You can find them by performing a search for the keyword “paid survey programs”, as an example, and just follow the instructions provided on the survey website.

It will, of course, require lots of time of your time searching, sifting, and separating the legitimate ones from the scam. It’s just like finding the gold in a truckload of rocks.

However, there are companies that offer high quality database of paying survey companies. I happened to get into one but unfortunately on my case, and as I mentioned earlier, most of the legitimate and paying companies found on that database are not available from my location.

Most of the real programs operate in the U.S., Canada, and other chosen countries.

Go and check this new paid survey sites:

CashSurveyWizard – a female-orientated paid survey site. Here you can earn up to $75 for a survey, and up to $150 for taking part in a focus group (basically like a chat with friends about a particular brand or product)

123CashSurveys – you can earn up to $75 just for filling out one 15 minute survey! You can fill out as many surveys as you want, meaning that what you earn is up to you – the more time you invest, the more money that you can earn.

Make Money Writing Articles

There are lots of websites that needs tons of articles and requires someone to write it. Web owners of such sites hire writers to produce content for them. Even companies whose content is produced mostly in-house will at times employ freelance writers or “ghostwriters” to fill everything from gaps to complete columns.

It is not even necessary to be an expert or a degree holder in English to be a ghostwriter, all it requires is just having the knowledge on basic grammar and be able to write an interesting article.

If you can write simple articles just like this one or much better (and I believe you can), then surely you can make money online fast doing it.

Popular web places for content writers are and is actually a freelance market site but many of the freelance jobs being offered there are related to article writing.

If you’re still doubting or unsure of your writing skill, there are websites such as that provides you a comprehensive guide on how to write for cash.

For a more fruitful way, you can utilize your writing skill to your advantage by promoting a website you own or any sort of make money online business site you have. For years, thousands of internet marketers do this by writing articles and then submitting them to various article directories.

Alright, the simple knowledge you have just read are only a few of the hundreds of ways to make money online. There are many other systems in which you can earn a considerable extra income on the internet but it would take longer discussions to name it one by one. Maybe I’d be writing more about it in the future posts.

Just keep in mind that if you really want or need to make money using the internet (lots of us really need to make money to bring food to the table), take it into real action.

One of the very reasons why many folks fail in internet marketing business is the mere fact that they don’t actually take action. If you want to set yourself apart from the many others trying (but not doing) to make money online is to actually do the action.


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    i agree that paid survey is just for “extra” income… you cannot become rich if you just do paid survey… 🙂


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    Alongside paid surveys there are numerous other methods which could be classed as “extra money”, such as ptc, paid reviewing and here in the UK daily clicking on cashback sites. But like you point out these will never amount to a proper income but are useful as a source of extra money.

    I agree that to make serious money you need to look into having your own niche website/ blog or participate in affiliate marketing. But in my experience very few people are prepared to put in the hard work to run a successful site and are more interested in get rich schemes, which unfortunately don’t exist, well not in my experience.