Practical Online Business Talks

I’ve been using “sphere of business connections” as my blog titles’ subtitle but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly it really mean. It was a general phrase and vague in meaning. It doesn’t really tell about the exact topic of this blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google would misinterpret it as a “sphere of linking business morons” and penalize me for that. Just kidding here.

Many marketers say that your subtitle should describe more about your main title. It should make your visitors understand in just seconds what your blog is all about so they know what they have to expect when reading or even subscribing to your blog. It should serve as your unique selling proposition.

With that advice, I’ve been considering to change my subtitle although I was a little bit hesitant because that’s what I’ve been initially known for. However, when I think about the long term effect I finally decided to create a more practical and easy to understand subtitle. Hence, I came up with the phrase “Practical online business talks”.

Why practical online business talks? I figured out it could give me a wider scope of topics to talk about from the internet which is of course closely related to this niche.

Why not make money online tips, or make money online guides or how to make money online and the likes of it?

Well, you’ll find lots of them out there. And to be honest with you, I’m not yet that expert in this field. Besides I don’t want to make you believe that I can ultimately teach you how to make money online. I’m just an ordinary guy here but am talking from practical experiences, keen observations, and lots of personal research.

So what’s the point in making this blog exist in the blogosphere? I’ve been greatly pondering on this during the past days. I realized I have to reorganize my goals and define my reasons for blogging. So I came up with the following:

  • To share my own views and observations about the various systems of internet marketing. Of course, as human, I’m bound to make some misinterpretations and misjudgments. And you are most welcome to correct me or discuss it with me. You don’t need to agree with me all the time.
  • To share my own experiences of making money online – both failures and successes.
  • To share lessons learned from blogging and social networking online.
  • To share some great finds on the net like blogging tools, tricks, or simply funny things for great laughs.
  • Share some motivational articles to ponder.
  • To learn and to have fun.

Update June 2009: Yes, another post that should let you know how confused a noob I was.