Placing Google Ads- The Rules and Regulations

It is extremely easy to make money of blogging with Google Adsense. All you have to do is register with Google, apply for Adsense and put together the ad code that you will put up on your website and place it on the relevant webpage. An advertiser will use your blog if the niche you cater to suits their interests. As soon as a visitor clicks on the ad link you make money. Exactly how much you get paid per click will be determined by the range of competition that your blog is working in. if it is a highly competitive zone you get paid more or else, less.

The easier part is getting the content ready and framing the ads wherever you want to frame them on your make money online blog following the required directives. But the more difficult part is to actually get visitors to visit your blog and read it. This is the only way to actually make money of the blog. This can only be ensured by promotional activities, publicity.

One way of promoting your blog is to advertise your blog on social book markings. The idea is that online forums, networking sites should have links to your blogs with a small description perhaps. Of course you also have to submit your blogs to search directories and engines as well as blog directories.

Try and access search engine optimization to be placed high on lists that result out of searches on search engines like Google. This is of course long drawn as this will only happen if you have sufficient number of links posted at various places and sufficient traffic coming your way, which helps Google detect you as a popular website.

Once you do get a steady flow of visitors, you have to make them click on your ad links. You have to of course know the tricks in order to achieve this.

Where you place your ads becomes extremely important here. You will have to determine that yourself and only after careful thinking and tracing. The ads could go on the top of the page, they could be at the end of each post, they could also come in the middle of the posts or even ion the sidebars.

One ad could complement the other. Of course the idea is to not fill up your webpage with as many ads as possible as this will only drive traffic away. The key is to preserve an image which tells the visitor that your website has a lot of useful content.Another trick to make the ads look less intervening is to match their colors with the color of the content posts to prevent them from appearing intrusive.

If you are to make money of Google Adsense using a niche blog, these are the few things you have to maintain.