Pinterest – The Newest Social Marketing Medium For Small Businesses

Staying on top of the newest social media marketing methods can be difficult and down right maddening. Everyday a new social media site appears and it can make any small business owner shake their head and wonder how will they ever utilize this new one.

The newest one to hit the market of course is Pinterest and this is a great little site because for just a few extra minutes each day you can substantially expand your reach to new potential customers and build your online brand even further.

If you’re just checking out the site for the first time you’ve probably come to realize it is full of wonderful, interesting pictures; literally, all over the place. And essentially this is what the site is. An entire webpage of pictures linking back to the sources and companies that pinned that picture.

What does this mean for you?

Well first off it means more exposure and more exposure is always good for your bottom line. Secondly it means that with some creative skills you can easily captivate an entirely untapped market.

All you need to do is figure out what pictures best represent your company and go from there. We’re not talking run of the mill boring pictures.

pinterest for small businessIn order to best benefit form the site you really need to have the pictures that make people stop and go awe or I have got to have that.

Once you’ve gotten a batch of pictures that match that criteria all you have to do is start pinning them to your own boards and then those who follow you (much like friend on Facebook) can take your pictures and repin them to their own boards and the viral effect of Pinterest can then take place.

Each and every time your picture is pinned and repinned you gain yet another link back to your website, your business and another link to new potential customers.