Tips About How Photo Sharing Sites Can Improve Your Online Traffic

Photo sharing sites let you store and upload pictures.  In fact, photographers can post entire albums in several categories.  If someone is looking for a photo within a particular niche can browse the category or albums and find something related.

If you have a business site, you can leverage photo sharing websites to your own advantage.  Since these sites usually enjoy good traffic, you can effectively lure traffic from here to your main site, thus giving greater visibility to your services.  To gain increased exposure through photo sharing sites, follow a few basic strategies.

When setting yourself up on a photo sharing site, focus on organization.  You want your pictures to be simple to find.  When visitors run site searches to find photo niches, you want your photos to appear.  The best way to organize your pictures is to group them in subject-themed albums that make use of common keywords.

Stay away from low quality images if you plan on posting online picture albums linked to your site or business.  Your pictures represent you and your company, which means people will judge your quality by your pictures’ quality.  Make use of clear, orderly photos with great visual appeal.  It should be enjoyable to look at them.

Consider the type of content you are putting in your albums, as well.  Your pictures should always be aimed at getting users interested in what you are offering.  You also want them to be interesting to your viewers.  Is what you are sharing with the world something you would be enthusiastic about viewing yourself?

Many sites today are designed with vanity URLS.  These URLs are domain names which place an emphasis on the nature of the content of the URL.  During the assembly of your albums on photo-sharing sites, adapt the use of vanity URLs.

The use of them will improve your online presence.  Use a unique URL with a witty phrase that people would have to work hard to forget it.  Make sure it is relevant to your offerings.  A vanity URL link will also help you to increase the rankings of your page, especially if it is built with strong keywords.

Take for example a URL such as  This is hardly going to make an impact in search engine sites or even on an individual’s independent search.  On the other hand, with a URL such as, people searching for pics of beaches will immediately click on your link.

Photo sharing sites include a social aspect as well.  It is a good idea to join groups on the photo sharing site, especially those belonging to your niche.  With similar interests among group members, you will find it relatively easy to draw them to your photo page and further to your site.  This kind of traffic is generally called warm leads, meaning visits from prospective customers as opposed to casual visitors.

As a final step, add suitable tags to each of your pictures.  Tags are the keywords you link to the pictures, attaching them to various categories on your photo sharing site.  Tags can be used to further improve the visibility of your album among your group.  Users looking for pictures centered on a particular theme, such as green living, will look in environmental categories or search the site using green terms rather than randomly browsing the site.  Tagging your sites will make your photos more readily found.

Effective use of photo sharing sites has immense potential to increase the traffic to a site.  You could see a significant increase in hits on your website just by attracting a tiny fraction of the millions of people who visit photo sharing sites on a consistent basis.