Paid to Send Email

We all know that there is a thriving money making programs which appeals to the easy and quick way of earning money by just receiving and reading email advertisements. This is called paid-to-read email (PTR). While there are only few legitimate companies in this industry, we can’t deny the fact that this is a scam infested industry.

How about being paid by sending emails? With hundreds of money making programs and schemes popping out on the internet I was just wondering if someone came up to the idea of paying someone to send email. The email may contain offers, advertisements, or other business interests.

To the earner’s part, this would be much easier than receiving and reading ads (with those timers and other annoying extra pop-ups) from “companies” which is nothing different but actually PTR sites themselves advertising through another paid-to-read company.

I don’t seem to see some companies which offer to pay you by sending their email ads to your friends or any gathered emails you have in your contacts. Well, if this exists, it would really be a very uncomfortable world if friends keep sending you mails which is nothing but paid ads.

How about being paid to scour the net and look for blogs and websites with “open contact forms” and inject them with advertising messages? I don’t know if this thing happens. This is just a thought that came to my mind while searching the web this morning.

The internet is full of endless possibilities, it seems. Good or bad.


  • Gem

    I signed up in one paid-to-send surveys and emails. It really seemed to be a legit site. It even paid me to build a buzz around their site, in one of my blog post. I was interested at first, because the payouts are better than those given by PTC sites. Unfortunately, their surveys and emails are just available for those living in the US.

    In case you’re wondering, here is the site that I am talking about:

  • freezine

    Hi Gem. Thanks for the tip. I checked the site and it seems that they’re more on “get paid to try” offers.

    Unfortunately, as you mentioned, most of the legitimate GPT companies prefer to operate for U.S. and Canadian citizens only.