Online Shopping Store Using WordPress

Do you want to make extra money online by selling your own digital products on your WordPress blog? Did you know that its quiet easy to set up a WordPress based ecommerce site by simply using an easy to use plug-in?

Well, the good news is its very possible and a lot easier than you may have imagined. When you use WordPress as your main platform to start and develop an online business site, you have literally hundreds of tools and resources at your own disposal.

You will find hundreds of ecommerce WordPress plug-ins that will help you achieve almost everything that you want for your website.

For example, if you want to sell digital content or ebooks from your blog there are a lot of good ecommerce plugins out there that you can use for free.

The problem with free and cheap wp estore plugins is that most of it comes with a very limited feature. Another problem that comes with free wordpress ecommerce software is that they are poorly maintained and rarely updated by their particular authors. When you are faced with unforeseen bugs and program errors, it’s almost hard to fix a certain issue you maybe facing when using that plugin.

Of course, if you are a little bit serious in selling your digital goods using a WordPress based ecommerce site are two main options:

  1. use a plugin based e-commerce store
  2. use a theme based e-commerce store

WordPress Shopping Cart For plugin based online store, there is a premium plugin called WordPress eStore Plugin. This is actually what I use in most of my  online shopping store. It’s really simple to use yet very secure. It works perfectly digital products and other downloadable goods online.

WP eStore is a sleek WordPress shopping cart plugin that enables you to sell online any kind of digital products as well as services from your blog securely and with complete automation. With complete automation, this means that once you set your internet shopping store the whole process of buying, payment, and the delivering of the product works on its own.

In short, once you set up the whole system you’ll simply sit and watch the money come rolling in. Ooops, of course that sounds like most of the hype you’ll find in most salespages but in this case I’m dead serious here.

But it’s true. The plugin I mentioned above is something that is really worth your money especially if you are dead serious in creating your own online shopping site. In fact, the author allows you to use it in as many domains as you want as long as it is all yours. You can also buy the developers license in the case you want to use it to create an online store for your clients.

Now, for theme based online shopping store, we recommend the Market Theme. According to the developer, “Market allows you to easily add product information including prices, description, options, image uploading, shipping, and more — all from an easy to use administration interface. Market truly is the ultimate solution for creating an environment where you can sell your own physical products, affiliate products, or digital downloads without a lot of setup time or technical knowledge.”

Market theme is actually more user friendly as compared to WP eStore. However, with the current version it is more suitable for physical products and other shippable items.

It can also be used to sell affiliate products from Amazon or any other affiliate networks you are a member of.

The ShopperPress Theme

Another great theme that can help you instantly set up a WordPress based online store is the ShopperPress theme. I really find this very robust yet user friendly theme to be so tempting and enticing. In fact, I am thinking of buying this package for myself and use it to sell various products from Amazon and eBay. Yes, selling affiliate products through this theme is greatly possible.

According to the theme’s developer, “ShopperPress is a WordPress shopping cart theme that stands as the front end of your business providing all of the tools you need to quickly manage your company’s inventory of products and services, accept payments, manage orders, customize and enable/disable key design features, contact clients, setup product promotions and coupons, import products and lots lots more.

One of the many cool features that I like with this ready to go WordPress store is it’s 20+ themes which cater highly profitable markets and niches on the internet. With its unlimited license usage you can install these themes to 1000’s of websites or internet shopping stores you may own.

ShopperPress Discount Coupon Code for December

If you’re interested to purchase ShopperPress for your WordPress based e-commerce site, here’s a coupon code that you can use to get $20 discount. Just use the below code upon checkout.


That’s it. You’ll get $20 off the original price. Get ShopperPress Theme here.



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