The Simple Online Money Making Formula

As we’ve started talking about in the previous post, I know you want me to reveal that money making “secret” formula in one simple sentence. However, this concept is still under implementation and no big results yet to show you off.

This simple money making concept is already being used by businessmen in the actual world. With that said, it would be actually hard to understand especially if you don’t have the mindset of a businessman.

I’m about to write a very long post detailing the concept but I’m suddenly alarmed that if I’m going to reveal everything to you and you screw it you will likely to blame me for the possible loss you may incur.

And as I said in the previous post most beginners who are in for the fast cash would ignore it anyway. Many will cry wolf, uggh, I mean “Show off hands please!” as an old learned man did in the site I mentioned in that post.

It would be pointless discussing online money making concepts and formulas without showing screenshots of thousands of dollars as proof before your own eyes, right?

You see, I was not selling the formula. I tried to share something for free but in exchange of other’s ideas too. After all, it was supposed to be a learning place for my own countrymen who are wannabe internet marketers.

make money online conceptWell, I guess, this should be the logic that we all want and should follow: share a money making concept and formula but show the proof. Oh well, no problem I am an obedient dork.

So, this will remain a “secret online money making formula” until I and my folks here in the mountains shall become rich by using it.

But I will give you some hint.

This make money online blog and many of the latest posts I have written are purely experimental. That means I’m employing some of the simple techniques. Even this one you are reading (if you managed to read up to here) has some of the elements of it.

Take note that we are talking about a real online business here and not the make money online without doing anything crap.

As in the real world of business, you need to invest something both in terms of money and time. However, unlike in the traditional business you don’t need to cut a leg and an arm just to start an online money making business.

In fact, a less than hundred bucks of capital here can be enough. You can then reinvest your earnings to expand your online money making business.

You do need a few tools here but you shouldn’t buy everything that is peddled to you. Just like a wise farmer when he goes to the market to buy some tool, he doesn’t buy everything that is offered by the sellers. He only buy and choose the appropriate tools he needs.

We’ve mentioned about the farmer so let’s talk more about him. A farmer understands that he needs to do something in order for newly planted crops to grow and have a good harvest. He has an actual workable knowledge of that something, not just theories and myths, and he really works it out religiously.

He has faith that his crop will yield him revenue but he doesn’t just sit down there and wait for the money came rolling in. He does some action.

And he knows that harvest time will not happen overnight or in just a week and so he patiently waits. There are no quick schemes to riches unless you scam others or rob someone. But like they say, “easy money easy go”.

If you’re a real and experienced internet marketer these things I am saying should be obvious to you.

As a little adlib, the first posts in this make money online blog especially during the year 2008 are all evidences of my being a complete make money online beginner, an idiot, and much less a dork. I should go back and reedit everything but it would be a good example of how an ordinary dork can make money on the internet.

Now, if you are really interested to learn how to make money from home, I will give you two options

First option: If you are a noob or a beginner maybe I will direct you to the real internet marketers who will teach you for free (some of them will chastise you with colorful words) on how to really make money online. Plus they have real screenshots to show you if that is what you want to see to believe.

Second option: Or maybe I should rather start writing entertaining and amusing posts just like most of the A-List bloggers do… and leave you still wandering and confused.

Either which way you want, leave your comments below so I may discuss it in the next posts.

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